PS3-Sense: The King of Fighters XII Review

PS3-Sense writes: "The King of Fighters franchise is one that is already very long, since 1994 to be exact. Almost every year, the come again with a new King of Fighters, but the last time it was a bit quiet, until now. The new part, King of Fighters XII is probably the last part of the Sacred Treasures saga of games, but this has not yet ruled."

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TheColbertinator3833d ago

Ouch.Did not see that coming

MetalGearBear 3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

go to playing SF4!!!


this game doesnt deserves this score. Its too high!!!! A 5 has been more acceptable. As a fan of the series I have been completely riped by this game. To bad as I had high hopes for it but this is the worst KOF game ever made. Also, no MAI!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!???

Peace and Gaming!!!!