The Portable Gamer DS Review: Overlord Minions

TPG says: "Mutant Fungus is plaguing the lands in this spin off portable platform from Codemasters. With Minion Master Gnarl as your guide you will control Giblet, Blaze, Stench & Zap through six different areas each with four levels of Puzzles. The cartoonish detailed graphics of each of these levels are well thought out. Completing the puzzles will rid the villages and forests of this Fungus and allow the evil Gnarl to rule the lands again. Gnarl will help you through the game with instructions and tips though text based scenes that are at times comedic but A wise sounding voice over would have been a better touch. Instead you get a repetitive musical sound track that's a flash back to some older games. You are able to re-read these instructions by taping on Gnarl at anytime which is good if you play a little at time while on your way to work or school. Unfortunately, these instructions do not include everything you need to play the game. This is one game that you will need to have the manual close at hand when you're required to do an advanced move."

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roblef4466d ago

Too many versions of this game to really know what to get.

wondroushippo4466d ago

I hear both console games are good, so this should be too.

bgrundman4466d ago

meh, they were ok at best. The mechanics were far too repetitive

bgrundman4466d ago

Isn't this franchise getting stretched a bit thin?

CrAppleton4466d ago

Not yet.. looks like it's at the height of greatness :D

lizard812884465d ago

the BIG problem with it, is every thing you do involves a slash motion, which doesn't sound bad, however, after spending a half hour one the 1st level, because the minions only attacked(which is a slash motion) when i wanted them to press the switch (which is a slash motion) so in the end i gave up. you think with a button you could just press it, but no, it had to be a slash. the controls interferes with itself.