RIP: EGM's Andy Baran

BM writes: "Former EGM writer and editor Andy "Cyber" Baran passed away on Sunday July 26. He was a staple on the Review Crew for many years and was one of the most hardcore gamers I've ever met.

We used to give each other a hard time, mainly because he was old-school EGM, and I was part of the new crowd (along with Crispin Boyer and Shawn Smith) who came on board in the mid-90s. Andy and I would fight about Castlevania, Loaded, each other's review scores, Q-Zar...but we always had a mutual respect for each other and stayed in touch long past our EGM days.

Andy was a special type of nerd that you don't run into every day."

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SpaceSquirrel3827d ago

RIP Grew up reading EGM ='[

Shnazzyone3827d ago

First EGM then Andy Baran... it's like they were inseparably linked. May he exist in a better place.

kaveti66163827d ago

I'm so sorry to hear that. May his family find peace, and may he rest in peace.