EA says, "We Need Cell Processor"

EA will develop different genres of games for each system, using each of their strengths.

"Something like Harry Potter is a very clear candidate to lead on the Wii," offered Florin.

"Shooters like Medal of Honor, Black, we will clearly concentrate on PlayStation 3 because we need Cell processor power."

"Then we've got more strategic, online-orientated games that we concentrate more on 360," he added.

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Bebedora4193d ago

This is gonna flame (cost).

vidoardes4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Fanboy post if I ever saw one. The article is about the strengths of all 3 consoles, and it gets posted in the PS3 section with that heading. The site it came from is overly biast it isn't even funny. How did this get approved?

nix4193d ago

first the news comes out. - the fanboys fight!

then a quote/phrase from the same news come out - the fanboys fight again!! much bigger the second time.

and it comes out again - then they fight again!!!!

sigh! and the exact thing is happening right now.

Firewire4193d ago

I agree! As a PS fan, I don't think this needs to be posted,
especially if posted before!
But yesterday theMart posted a story "PS2 fan converts to 360"
from a 360 fansite. It was pulled, but some 360 fanboys approved the article in the first place! That type of story can never be verified d
because it isn't on the net anywhere else . The site also didn't offer proof!
This is a bit different though because its from EA, but it should
have been posted from another site or something. To make it more legit.
If it doesn't get on another site , it shouldn't be posted at all
because it only appears on a fanboy site! And cannot be verified by others!

Neutral Gamer4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

This is EXACTLY the same source interview as marison posted just a day ago!

This article even says the interview was from The only difference is that the title's been changed and the interview culled.

kornbeaner4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I like the story on the link you provided better, it's a much fuller story.

I just hope EA doesn't get lazy. I hope they put out somthing great on all 3 platforms. But they are gonna have their work cut out for them with the Cell processor.

Neutral Gamer4193d ago

I'm glad you like it kornbeaner mate, it's a better story because it's the original story/interview whereas this article is just a collection of excerpts from it.

I just don't understand it, the original is such a new story, do people have THAT short a memory?! What surprises me is that NewsBot approved it, they're normally pretty good when it comes to duplicates.

Is this the green light for all of us to just go and take stories that are a few days old, quote from them, and end up with a whole "new" article? It's so ridiculous, I have to laugh! That's life for ya. :p

PSN Starfleets4193d ago

Look, fanboy titles arent going to ANYTHING in convincing me or others to spend hundreds and hundreds on a game machine with hardly anything worth spending hundreds and hunrdes on.

If anything, it'll put me off.

SimmoUK4193d ago

How is this a fanboy title it says exactly what EA said in the title, just because you xbox fans don't like it doesn't meen it's not just as relivent as "DMC goes multiplat" or anyother title an xbox fan would like to see.

Don't have one set of rules for yourselves and not for others...

vidoardes4193d ago

A) I am not an XBox fanboy, I have owned neither XBox

B) The title is a select quote from the article to try and promote the PS3 as EA's console of choice, which is not true. The post knows most of the people on this site read only the title, mayby the user printed blurb, but hardly ever link to the full story and used it to his/her advantage.

C) This is about several platforms, but was only posted in PS3

D) It has already been posted, but this re-submit has been posted in a biast way.

E) The site linked to has taken an article from elsewhere and put it's own biast slant on it before the N$G post even got his/her hands on it

That's why it is a fanboy post, not a news post.