Best UK Modern Warfare 2 Prices

LivePlayStation: There's much talk about the price of the biggest game of the year, Modern Warfare 2. We were expecting a price of around £39.99 - £44.99, but it has been announced that closer to the release date, the price will be £54.99. So, basically, you need to get it now.

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tdrules3827d ago

id still rather use shopto, theyre more trustable and ive used them before.
i got killzone 2 3 days before release and its free recorded delivery :D

Fishy Fingers3827d ago

Yeah I jumped on Shopto after using Play for a long time. There usually a little cheaper and just as reliable delivery wise. There has been a few complaints about hackers getting customer details but I've never had a problem.

Mikelarry3827d ago

i love this game but i feel if we allow them to increase the price other games will follow suit and i cant be shelling 44 for a game not with the economy as it is.


IW/Activision have really got my hands tied. Do I preorder now,get it at 42.99 but miss out on possible preorder beta later on? Or do I wait and then have no choice but to pay the frankly extortionate sum of £55. Or lastly do i wait till I can find a preowned copy but then be at a huge disadvantage online because other people have more experience i.e. that huge fcuking AC-130 airplane of destruction! Which shall I choose????

Nelson M3827d ago

I wont be held to Ransom
I'll buy it when i feel like it
And i wont be paying anymore than any other Multiplatform Game