'Borderlands' Has 3,166,880 Different Weapons

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Randy Pitchford, the president and founder of Gearbox, was walking us through the single-player campaign when he was hit by a need to show off a particularly cool gun. Jumping into a debug menu screen, he was able to select a few parameters to find just the sorta gun he was looking for. In this case it was a rocket launcher with the description, "Holy sh*t, it shoots rockets!"

The debug menu was fascinating, though, as it's basically a giant database of all the possible combinations of guns you can have, from sniper rifles with shock damage and a blue scope to uzis with flame effects and a red barrel. For each category the total number of possible guns was listed and, at the top, was the total number of guns that could be created with all the possible combinations.

That number was 3,166,880."

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meepmoopmeep3829d ago



"Too much variety"

but seriously, that's.. urr.. alota gunz!
can't wait to get this game. the previews have all been positive.
could be a sleeper hit

Jmlopezbr3829d ago

A perfectionist's nightmare ^_^

I wonder how many of those are pretty much the same as another gun though.

siyrobbo3829d ago

If theres an achievement for upgrading all weapons i refuse to buy this game! lol

Mo0eY3829d ago

3,166,880 weapons
two maps - 1. tutorial 2. last level
one character - a stick figure

FamilyGuy3829d ago

through customization
awesome concept though, i hope the overall game is good.

Winter47th3829d ago

The GameFaqers are gonna have a hell of a time writing a guide about'em.

- How can I get weapon # 2.107.113?

JonnyBigBoss3829d ago

Lol. I found that pretty funny.

The game looks pretty good.

ThanatosDMC3829d ago

I wonder how balance will be. Most of the time there's the best weapons that everybody wants.

Jaces3829d ago

Why the hell do I need that many weapons?

ThanatosDMC3829d ago

After i saw more screenshots of the game, i'll wait for the reviews before i even think about getting the game.

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3829d ago
ud3829d ago

Hip Hip Hooray for randomization

monkey nuts3829d ago

I reckon there'll be a trophy/acheivement for getting/creating a certain number of guns. And aslong as its not 3166880 count me in. :P

nycredude3829d ago

Whenever a developer starts spewing these kind of absurd numbers then it more than likely due to the fact that the games NEEDS this hype, sort of like what happened with Fuel. I hope this game turns out well cause I am kind of interested. But over 3 Million guns? Come on, it's freaking useless.

pixelsword3829d ago

make things dead.

At any rate, I'm glad you brought up FUEL because IT SUCKED.

Man, I can't actually believe I thought that game could be the first game to make me put Motorstorm down.

PinkUni3829d ago

and even if they do different things

doesn't mean the gameplay is going to be fun

every game gets boring eventually, unless its a mmo

terrandragon3829d ago

Keep in mind the game is still pre-release, and that number could go even higher.

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The story is too old to be commented.