Gamerscore Hacking Goes Public

Spyware Guide Blog has posted a feature on the underground practice of artificially boosting Gamerscores, and how it's exploded on British eBay.

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a_squirrel3835d ago

People who play to get achievements are sad...

...let the hate begin

Mikelarry3835d ago

think you meant to say ppl who hack thier accounts to boost or get an unfair advantage in a game are sad.

NaiNaiNai3834d ago

I play alot of games for the chevos. but only if there good games. >.> I can't stand those people who play Madded every year just so they can get the easy chevos.

Marty83703835d ago

No people who cheat are sad. Kinda makes achieivements pointless. Having to cheat just proves how bad you are at gaming.

glennc3834d ago

i don't give a sh1t about some strangers gamerscore, i am 35 years old. i do like them from a personal level with personal friends but strangers... why would i care unless i was 12yo.