Forza Motorsport 3 - European vehicles screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published some new screenshots from Forza Motorsport 3.

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TK4213832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Forza 3's screen shots NEVER look anything like the game play videos.

shocky163832d ago

Day one purchase for me.

Fan Tastic3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Then comes the actual gameplay graphics, which still fall far behind GT HD's demo from years ago.. Biggest problem they have is the lighting isn't remotely close to looking realistic. Colors seem off as well.

Then comes the gameplay which is floaty (despite the 360 calculations per second, which is worthless when the core feel of the game is so off)..

I don't get why they can't have more than 8 cars, when GT5:P has 16 cars and the cars and tracks look far better. The gameplayer in GT5 is leagues ahead as well.

At least they have upped the car and track count, but still the core gameplay needs a huge overhaul.

LiL T3832d ago

Looking good but do people actually use that stupid behind car view for what suppose to be a simulator. I have always used the bumper view and in gt5p and r factor the in car view. I don't remember but the last time I drove my car I couldn't see 10ft above and 5ft behind it.

coolirisGB3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

The E3 video were from a old build of the game at the time they were first shown. Nice try with the fanboy desperation. The point of the pics every other weeks is to show the game's progress lol.

Leathersoup3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

The reason that most of the videos don't look as good as the screenshots is that the screenshots aren't filmed off of a tv using a handicam while at E3. They're direct feed and so far the only true direct feed video that's been released by Turn10 was this one...

TK4213832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Coolgirls so you admit that the gameplay videos don't look as good as the pictures? Sounds like we agree. Then they got a LOT of work to do between now and October because so far they don't look remotely close to the pics.

Sorry leathersoup but I've already seen that direct feed footage and it still doesn't look close to the pics they keep putting out. I think we're all being duped by Turn 10.

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green3833d ago

Turn 10 are really getting the physics in this game spot on.Look at the Volvo C30 lifting it's inside rear wheels like stiffly sprung hot hatchbacks normally do

Come October, i am going to be tuning the hell out out that Focus RS.

k jules3832d ago

Definately improved since those SUV's screens came in. That Twingo RS just looks soo damn real :P. Love the Lotus Evora!

3832d ago
Mo0eY3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

This is the only game the bots have this year. It looks
like plastic and supersaturated just like the bots.

They also threw in a Hot Wheels car too, LOL:

I feel sorry for your 2009 lineup.

HappyTrigger3832d ago

I feel sorry because everyone else feels sorry....

XLiveGamer3832d ago

Hey DumbTastic!

Wazzup Mooey you damn hater?

WTF is your damn problem? Why are you complaining about a game that you are not going to play and wont show up on your plastic god? If you are not interested on Forza3 then why you dont STFUp and grow up.

@Fan Tastic
Well you bring up GT5 in your comments... well... lets see what do you know about cars, handling, torque, engine, horsepower, suspension, tuning, platform, tires and driving?

Yeah just like the big mouth Forza haters majority here. They dont know sh!t about GT Racing and Street Racing. Why dont you go out there 1st take some driving lessons, get a license to drive and then learn that you can't take corners at 90mph in your mom/dad stock car with out under steering the damn piece of crappy car. But hey GT series is the best simulation game out there right? Dont bring the all B.S. comment of "Profesionals use GT to practice" wow i dint know that by using a GT game for the purpose of memorizing the track confirm that the game simulation speed, handling & suspension is more real. Don't be a moron dammit!

"I don't get why they can't have more than 8 cars, when GT5:P has 16 cars and the cars and tracks look far better"

I better have less racers in the game that lower the posibilities of damn noobs behind a wheel with a "Crazy Horse Setup" in their car than 15 others that raise that damn percent.

Can you please explain me why the simulation in GT is better than Forza?

user39158003832d ago

Beautiful in every spec, I will let the PS3 fandroids touch it and leak it, but I'm afraid they might take a bite.

PS3 its king of dust.

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The story is too old to be commented.