Destructoid: Borderlands Preview

It's a funny thing, Borderlands. While excitement arose during its initial 2007 announcement, it was the cel-shaded graphics that brought the game the most attention. After that, however, Borderlands sort of fell off the radar, becoming a game many people were not even thinking about, much less actively wanting to play. With games like Fallout 3 and Call of Duty 4 doing the whole shooter/RPG thing passably, it almost seemed like Borderlands was going to be late to the party.

Then, of course, Gearbox Software, complete with Samba de Amigo and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, became ready to settle down and focus on Borderlands. This is when all the attention came rushing back, with outlandish claims of millions of weapons, dashing cel-shading design, and a little something about apples. Interesting game, to be sure.

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