ShopTo: Modern Warfare 2 price sets "worrying trend"

ShopTo has told Eurogamer that publishers are following Activision by increasing the price of their popular franchises.

"Whether planned, or a case of jumping on the popular franchises bandwagon, we have seen Microsoft increase the price of Forza 3 to £49.99 and Nintendo increase the price of Professor Layton [and Pandora's Box] to £34.99," ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta told Eurogamer. "I sincerely hope that not all publishers will follow this lead."

"The price increases that some publishers think the market can stand are, to say the least, a worrying trend, and appear to be more than just a result of currency fluctuations."

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Delta3827d ago

WTF Really.......
i feel bad for Europe.

gamesR4fun3827d ago

nvm the uk they put the prices up here in canada a couple months ago now games start at 69 like 59 wasnt bad nough...

legendkilla3827d ago

i noticed that aswell.. i was going to pick up UFC or inFAMOUS but at 69.99 thats not going to happen

Rifle-Man3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

You're right – $70 is too much.

The last game I bought at that price was inFamous, and since then I've only been picking up budget titles: Burnout Paradise – $20, Battlefield: 1942 – $15, Bioshock – $20, Metal Gear Solid – $10.

That's 65 bucks right there. Burnout alone was 10 times the fun of inFamous.

I'm going to buy Modern Warfare 2 regardless of the price because I know I'm going to get at least 6 months of nightly multiplayer mayhem with my old CoD4 crew.

I might trade in a few games to buy it, though.

Gun_Senshi3827d ago

Kindly note differences between currenies. All those pricing are cheaper then what they really are. Example in Europe Battlefield 1943 costs 20 USD

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mittwaffen3827d ago

Yeah, Europeans need to start dealing with the ridiculous prices they have. Protest and fight it, don't just sit around and do nothing.

IdleLeeSiuLung3827d ago

European game pricing is just fine relative to the cost of living and earning power.

Have a price issue, take it up with your government since they give employees too many rights and tax the [email protected] out of everyone.


I disagree.It isn't only Europe either,game prices here in Adanac have been increasing steadily for years now along with everything else and no commensurate wage increase to coincide with the increased costs.
Times are tough now,Europe is not excluded from the economic meltdown,I have friends in Britain,England,Ireland who have lost jobs,had to move to find work,can't make payments etc.etc.
The perceived standard of living may be higher but that standard means very little in a global recession.Same thing here,I hardly get 40hrs/week anymore and the current wage for my profession seems on 'hold' while the everyday cost to live rises at an alarming rate.They want to increase revenue by increasing the games base price yet it seems rather backwards considering many people can't afford games at the current price.I say lower the price to accommodate the current situation and make up the difference with volume and affordability,of course not everyone thinks as I do.:)

IdleLeeSiuLung3827d ago

What you are saying is true, but it affects the rest of the world as well not just Europe. My comment was in reference that it was priced right relative to living standards of your country.

Frequently these price comparison is done on a dollar to some foreign currency that does not take into account living standard factors and higher cost of doing business due to local consumer protection laws and higher taxes.

Although, I'm not for a price increase obviously I don't think Europeans have any right to complain any more than any other country especially the US since we are often used as the baseline comparison due lowest prices. These lower prices comes at a cost of less consumer protection and warranty in the US.

In regards to your comment:

"Same thing here,I hardly get 40hrs/week anymore and the current wage for my profession seems on 'hold' while the everyday cost to live rises at an alarming rate."

That is called inflation and US is likely to be hit the hardest due to all the spending our government is doing increasing our national debt. Everything at my local grocery store is going up in price or getting their size cut at the same price point.

It still doesn't change anything....


Protest and fight it not realising that the average consumer 'protests' by simply not buying.....which in turn only drives prices higher in most cases to make up for the dwindling sales.When I deem something too expensive I simply refuse to buy it unless absolutely necessary.That is how I protest against products I view as too expensive or of poor design, in theory 'protest or fight it' is all well and good,in practice however it often is futile.The governing bodies in these places need to enact their will and earn their pay,they are supposed to be our voice when we have none.The reality is often much less inspiring however.

IdleLeeSiuLung3827d ago

"Protest and fight it not realising that the average consumer 'protests' by simply not buying.....which in turn only drives prices higher in most cases to make up for the dwindling sales."

That does not seem right. Everything is priced according to supply and demand. If a product is not in demand it's price will go down, not up. If an item wasn't selling, the store will clearance it out at a lower cost and not restock forcing the manufacturer to rethink their strategy. I don't see how increasing the cost of an item will stimulate sales?


You are right in regards to supply and demand.My example was off,I should have said the 'tactic used is similar to the gasoline scam,raise it a ridiculous amount until the call for a price drop is deafening.Then miraculously it is lowered to slightly above its original cost and everyone is filling up again'.Thats how I see it.Not everything is priced according to the laws of supply/demand.Various tactics,albeit unscrupulous,are used to manipulate supply and demand.
I agree with alot of what you said,not all but alot of it.=)

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