Modern Warfare 2 will render at 600p

GameZine writes: "Modern Warfare 2 will support a resolution of 600p like its predecessor.

Infinity Ward once again justifies a sub-HD video game during a high definition console era with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2."

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green3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Still looks great.So does not bother me at all.

Fishy Fingers3833d ago

Nor I. I think it looks great and frankly if you weren't told it wouldnt concern you. Still I can get my higher res fill from the PC version, but judging by the videos released so far this games gonna look great on what ever platform you choose. Plus, a nice smooth 60fps.

N4PS3G3833d ago

At least you get 60fps ;)

Trollimite3833d ago

resolution and frames per second dont matter! its still gonna be a good game and its still will sell millions

deadpoole3833d ago

I simply just don't understand, whos the source and where the heck they find this legit info that it is gonna be same as 600p. there is not a damn single analysis report anywhere.

Who the hell approved this article.

IzKyD13313833d ago

I could have run COD4 in 480p on an 18" screen and it wouldn't have bothered me, the gameplay is just that good

Alcon Caper3833d ago

"I could have run COD4 in 480p on an 18" screen and it wouldn't have bothered me, the gameplay is just that good "

This should be the attitude about most games.

G3TDOWN3833d ago

then go play Mario on nintendo

yes GRAPHICS do matter and they are a huge part of making a good game

PirateThom3833d ago

Resolutions and all that don't bother me. Activision's price hike bothers me. At the RRP, this game should be beating everything, not just in gameplay, in graphics as well, including resolutions.

IdleLeeSiuLung3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

60fps should make the game butter smooth! The resolution shouldn't be a big factor considering the graphics itself isn't exactly like a movie. Resolution is over rated, but 60fps should make the game controls extremely responsive!

I'm hyped for this game!!!

edit: @G3TDOWN above
Graphics do matter, but only to a certain level. Generally graphical differences between consoles in the same generation isn't earth shattering unless we are comparing it to the super under powered Wii.

To me unless the graphics is as different as going from Xbox 1 to 360, it really has negligible effect. Do you ever get the feeling you are playing last gen games on a current system? I don't, and I'm currently playing Splinter Cell Double Agent.

edgeofblade3833d ago

Of course sub-HD resolutions don't bother you. But it would if it were Halo and you were in a snarky mood...

As long as the game still runs at 60Hz no gripes here.

3833d ago
bnaked3833d ago

Not 60fps! COD4 runs with 50fps..

xD just for info..

gaffyh3833d ago

@1.7 - Yes graphics do matter, but pixel counts do not matter. As long as the game looks good overall it shouldn't bother any gamer.

NOOBKILLA3833d ago

Oh well. That just further justifies why I will get MW2 on my PC instead of my 360 or PS3.

I plan on playing MW2 in 1920 x 1200 @ 90fps with precision accuracy by using my keyboard and mouse!!

Traveler3833d ago

I'm getting it on the PC. It's not that it is the end of the world to play it with lower resolution and graphics, but given the choice I prefer to play games like this on the PC.

a_squirrel3833d ago

meh, 60fps is that great, since your eyes can't see that many frames

600p, man, that sucks

Syronicus3833d ago

I have been playing Modern Warfare for nearly two years now and love it as much today as I did when I first played it. Would those extra lines of resolution made the game any better? Nope.

Sarcasm3833d ago

Oh well, who's really surprised?

It's 600p but still looks better than Left4Dead running on a high end PC.

But if this was Modern Warfare 3, then they'd be pulling a Valve using the same engine over and over again.

IW put a lot of effort into making the COD4 engine to run great on PS3, 360, and PC.

So at least this time, they can focus on other gameplay assets.

I just hope it's not COD4.5 though.

Ballistic Jay3833d ago

I would like it alot if they could bump it up to 720p but i think it's worth it the way the game looks even now at (hopefully) 60fps. The resulting fluid and beautifully flowing game awesome in motion.

RussDeBuss3833d ago

so they obviousley havn't done any major works to the engine then, so how can they justify the price hike?

omni_atlas3833d ago

Wow. PC MW2 FTW.

Seriously though, i have MW for my PS3, and I thought it was the **** until I played it on my computer with an ATI 4850.

Running at 1680x1050 is sweet crap,

Yes, you'll crao in your pants because it looks soooo good.

3833d ago
evrfighter3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

sucks for you console boys. I'm gonna be playin @ 1080p AAx8 AFx16 on my 40" and with this engine I already know I won't drop below 60fps on my pc :D

Don't worry I'll post screenshots when that time comes

JokesOnYou3832d ago

It doesn't matter, I'm hearing alot about this game everybody I know is looking forward to this game more than any other game...they don't read n4g or beyond 3d forums, even if they did I'm sure they would laugh at those who count pixels and buy the damm game anyway. I know Iam.


specialguest3832d ago

Boo-freakin-Hoo! to those who think 600p sucks. Last I checked, everyone loved COD4 and it was below 720p res. It wasn't until people found out that the res. was below 720p that they started making a big deal out of it.

badz1493832d ago

I totally agree with you! they are using the exact same engine for CoD4 2 years ago with nearly no tweak what so ever and name it MW2, and then trying to raise the RRP of the game?? this is rip-off at its finest and I'm sad that there'll be a lot of gamers out there that will just bow to this decision by activision! the longer we are in the concole cycle, the games should be getting cheaper, not more expensive! I'm glad I'm not buying this and any other of their games from now on! and I hope a lot more people will boycott or just pirate this game instead of buying it! let activision sees the power of consumers!

LoVeRSaMa3832d ago

Its due to pure laziness, I have no doubt the game will be fun, and I will end up spending months and months like its predecessor but its a shame they didn't make any graphical improvements, they had 2 years to make it after all.

Timesplitter143832d ago

I'd take 60fps any time before HD resolutions, but I hate Call of Duty

JBaby3433832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

The price bothers me a lot more than the resolution.

AAACE53832d ago

In the past generations of gaming, we never really worried about 480p and 1080 p and such! But now gamers are so wrapped up in games being in "HD", that I wonder if alot of gamers really enjoy the games... or if they get more of a kick out of the graphics.

Every game can't be in 1080p and every game doesn't have to have ultra super graphics. Games are meant to provide entertainment! As long as the graphics look good, that's all that matters.

The HD generation has just gotten started, and it will take some time before we reach the point where all games reach this visual utopia that alot of gamers crave so badly!

But until then... Just enjoy what we have now!

kwicksandz3832d ago

My Pc version will run at 1920 x 1080p at 125fps so im not worried =P

edhe3832d ago

Actually you can tell the difference up to about 100 fps - it's just that 24fps is about the lowest you need for persistence of vision, which is what films rely on to avoid slideshows.

Honestly anyone that thinks that 30fps is all you can see needs a showroom telly demonstration.

JsonHenry3832d ago

I would prefer a higher resolution myself so that the gun does not take up half of my screen.

Oh well, that is why I have a PC. 1920*1080 (NATIVE) at OVER 60fps and servers with more than just 16 people on them. The ONLY way to play the game.

yippie1234y3832d ago

i much rather have 60 fps then maximum pixels any day. i mean who wants to drop to 20 fps just because an air strike is called in or a smoke grenade is thrown.

call of duty games are meant to be played competitively.

back in the counter-strike days i played in 800x600 with 100 fps. wasnt as pretty as 1280x1024 but i played better.

and MW2 still looks great anyway. filters ftw.

Ju3832d ago

Funny how the COD fans justify that crap. Right, CRAP! WTH is wrong with you? If anybody else would pull off that stunt you guys would be all over them, but Infinity Ward ? No way. Those visuals are so sub standard. If they don't add 200% in MW2, I'll skip that (again). CoD4 looks pretty, but there is simply nothing going on on screen. Lack of debris, effects what not. World at war has the worst texture resolution I've ever seen (in a high profile game - ever look close to the ground texture when you were looking down ? WTH). Have fun with the (next) arcade shooter. Because that's what it is, nothing else. Enjoy 60fps. Well, not surprised there.

vhero3832d ago

For extra cash compared to other games I want real 1080p! They want to charge more I want them to put out more!

yippie1234y3832d ago

its not IW fault that xbox/ps3 are limited. when playing competitively 60 fps is bare MINIMUM. i turn resolution on PC shooters down as low as it goes and put AA and AF down to 2x so i can have 100 fps. its true that the diff between 200 fps and 300 is not noticeable but anything under 60 is crap.

I would say this about any game/developer so dont make this an IW fan thing. Thats just lame.

Ju3832d ago

Maybe that matters for you, and maybe some people have this disorder to be able to react within 10ms (== 100fps), but I doubt thats the case for the majority. If an average gamer can pull the trigger within 25ms, that's already a huge achievement (40fps). 33ms for 30fps, 17ms for 60fps. Turn/raction speed and game design decisions factor in way more then the refresh rate of the visuals.

yippie1234y3832d ago

im not talking about my reaction time to the game. i talking about what i see. i dont want to see choppiness in the games to the point where it feels like internet lag.

do yourself a favor and before you start giving statistical feedback about human reactions, go and play a shooter on your COMPUTER and cap the fps at 100. then cap it at 60 or 30 which ever you like. When you "SEE" the difference and realize it your perspective will change guaranteed. although i know you would never comeback here and admit it.

edgeofblade3832d ago

Oh my god, we aren't getting our pixels worth. It's a conspiracy. They be stealing ma' pixels. We should be reimbursed for the pixels they took from us.

Seriously, you really are a moron of the highest order if you need everything to be certifiably HD before you can be satisfied with your purchase. Either you are or you aren't.

Ju3832d ago

The 100fps don't give you any benefit if you can have 30fps sustained. The higher refresh rate just gives you head room that the worst case scenario does never drop below a certain threshold. Your eye recognizes every single "latency" (to a certain degree). That is minimized by a higher refresh rate - the exception is, if you can guarantee it never dips below that threshold anyway. Then the max frequency does not matter. And, especially on a PC that latency is always present, no matter how fast the game runs (not an embedded system, any background process or IRQ could trigger a frame skip).

unknownhero11233832d ago

That is whats wrong with gamers today. Yes graphics are important up to a point but gameplay is what should matter. If the gameplay isn't there then graphics mean diddly squat; Substance is the key word here.

anyways, MW2 will be great regardless of graphics.

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Roper3163833d ago

if it was any other game or dev everyone would be up in arms. But since it is the over rated COD & IW everything is ok. I don't want your game weather it is HD, low def or any other def because you are associated with Activision.

snaz273833d ago

and they are just milking the modern warfare name, even tho i didnt think cod4 was THAT great anyway, pretty average if you ask me... but cos so many people bought it, no matter what they do it will get a free pass... i havent bought any cod game this gen tho i played cod4, it was not enough to make me wanna buy it... and the fact they are associated with activision just tops it all off.

sunil3833d ago

The lower resolution the better framerate. PC 101.
Games struggle to keep 30 fps when they run at 720 and 1080p. But when you reduce resolution, it will easily achieve that fps

outlawlife3833d ago

cod4 is one of the most highly acclaimed games ever released, i'm trying to figure out how that is "just average"

if cod4 were average nobody would care about mw2, if it were average it would also mean most shooters are on the same level, of which they are not...few even get close

badz1493832d ago

CoD4 was surrounded by a sky-high HYPE or superhype! it's a great game but hardly the best! it got great reviews but that didn't proof anything that it was the best, just like GTAIV! I've never seen a game got too many perfect scores before GTAIV yet I was hugely dissapointed with that game! CoD4 was generic! short! no co-op! CoD4.5 will not be any different! you can enjoy being ripped-off by acti but props for those who stands to go against them!

Ju3832d ago

@outlife: "cod4 is one of the most highly overrated games ever released"

There, fixed it for you.

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deadreckoning6663833d ago

Didn't matter then and doesn't matter now. Just a testament to the fact that half the people who own 360s don't have HDTVs

kewlkat0073833d ago

I don't think it's the superior graphics...

vShinobi3832d ago

But thats XBL 360 games graphic wise are along par with the exception of a few, PS3 however has games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 that make MW2 graphics look bad, thats why im waiting for reviews before I purchase honestly it looks the same as COD4 and thats not a bad thing but if im spending money on a new game I expect improvement.

SmokeyMcBear3833d ago

you would think with the same engine and previous game iterations.. that they would be able to up the resolution and get more pixels on the screen... especially for those of us rocking larger screens. But if bungie couldnt do it.. then I wouldnt expect infinty ward to.

edhe3832d ago

They're adding more content, more game.

Not more pixels.