Deus Ex voted best PC game ever

The latest issue of PC Zone has named Deux Ex the best PC game of all time, topping the list of the magazine's 101 favourite PC games.

An intensely grateful Warren Spector, game designer, had plenty to say about the award. "First, let me say what an honour it is to have been associated with the development of Deus Ex - to see it named the 'best game ever' is pretty incredible," he began.

"Perhaps the most amazing thing was that the game got made at all," he said. "I first thought about a game like DX back in 1995, when I was still an Executive Producer at Origin, which was owned by EA," he revealed, "but I could never get the project off the ground at Origin or, later, at Looking Glass. (I think it was lack of interest at Origin/EA and it was mostly a lack of money at LG!)."

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kornbeaner4195d ago

This is one of the games that took PC gaming to the next level.

One of the first games that gave players a real choice as to how to complete the game.

#1 might be a little to high but it is a very good game.

_insane_cobra4195d ago

"One of the first games that gave players a real choice as to how to complete the game."

Not really, but still, it's one of the best games of all time, no doubt about it.

JsonHenry4194d ago

You are SOOOOOO wrong!! Daggerfall was the first game that gave you some choice. It was also one of the first FPS RPGs ever as well. (not the first, but one of the better ones)

Deus X was pure crap compared to DaggerFall. CRAP!

HiTechH84194d ago

Deus Ex was so good I didn't bother to finish it. I would have selected Half-Life or Star Craft.

Rooted_Dust4194d ago

Half-Life basically created the story driven FPS and scripting. Deus Ex was just the first FPS RPG.

grifter0244194d ago

I agree HL and Starcraft are very very good games.. Heck I still play starcraft... but I really liked Deus Ex.. Invisible War >>>I never played the first game but the console version was alright by me.. A lot of options you could go through. But you cant go wrong with some Starcraft ... Terrans FTW

shikwan4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

And it was ported ONLY to the Xbox (at 720p), 4-5 YEARS ago!!

Too bad the intended sequal (or off-shoot); Project:Snowblind, blew serious chunks.

ryanjtravis4194d ago

The game that came out for Xbox was "Deus Ex: Invisible War"... This was the sequel to the original "Deus Ex" for PC. 2 very different games.

Honestly, I've only played Invisible War on the Xbox myself (my PC hasn't been good enough for gaming in YEARS), but from what I've read about it, the first Deus Ex was completely amazing and the 2nd one that was ported to Xbox wasn't quite as good (I loved it anyway).

shikwan4194d ago

I stand corrected! Serves me right to post so early in th a.m.

BTW same here; I've never played the orig PC vers as well but Invisible War was by far a great title that really flew under the radar.

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