Is the iPhone Really a Business Phone?

AppVee writes: "We all know Apple wants us to think it is, but data security remains a roadblock for some business users. Jonathan Zdziarski, a hacker and Apple expert, has shown Wired that even with 3GS' hardware encryption, it can be cracked with "a little bit of free software." All one has to do is jailbreak the phone and install OpenSSH, allowing data to be copied from the iPhone to a computer. It is possible to make a full image of an iPhone in under an hour. Once a malicious individual images a company iPhone, they have access to email, text messages, and all other sensitive information.

Zdziarski said it's just as easy to access a user's private information on an iPhone 3GS as it was on the previous generation iPhone 3G or first generation iPhone, both of which didn't feature encryption. If a thief got his hands on an iPhone, a little bit of free software is all that's needed to tap into all of the user's content. Live data can be extracted in as little as two minutes, and an entire raw disk image can be made in about 45 minutes, Zdziarski said."

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