Splinter Cell Conviction really won't go to the PS3


"Comments from Ubisoft's CEO put to rest any rumours that Splinter Cell Conviction might be heading to the PS3, even after the game's recent delay."

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Ninver3828d ago

yeah whatever. i'll just waite 6 months to play it on the ps3. we all know it's a M$ job.

Stryfeno23828d ago

So you brought a Waitsation 3 huh?

techie3828d ago

He brought a Waitstation where?

Delta3828d ago

LOL nice one. If it did, it come with extra's just like all the recent announced So-called "360 exclusives".

El Botto3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

And there you have it.
All your die hard xbot collegues have gotten themselves a "waitstation" already! Soon there wont be anyone left for you to talk to on XBOX live, mr poor ass gamer. Proof? Mooks, mart, montreafart, even murderdolls got him a PS3. Haha.

Nelson M3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Can someone remind me
What Game just got Delayed ?

nycredude3828d ago

That is pretty funny that you're in a thread about an xbox 360 exclusive being delayed yet you call the playstation 3 the waitstation.

Pretty ironic! LOL.

Obama3828d ago

Also pretty ironic that 33% of 360 owners have to send the coffins in and WAIT for their RROD console get fixed.

Major_Tom3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Wow Patchstation were you not here when the announced Sphincter Cell Convection got delayed?

-MD-3828d ago

"Can someone remind me
What Game just got Delayed ?"

Heavy Rain I believe. Why?

3828d ago
The_Beast3828d ago

and the 3shtty got sht load of games delayed? fkcing dumbasss

The_Beast3828d ago

lmao good one... you know what he was talking abt u dumb xbot

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Delta3828d ago

I knew this wasn't coming to PS3. Too bad too sad. There's many other great games to choose from for next year. (Not to say this game looks bad or anything)

Cwalat3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Sad that this awesome title won't come to the PS3, oh well...

Guess i'll get it for my PC then. =)

All good

GWAVE3828d ago

I'm glad. I'd hate to see this game's development be split between three platforms so late in its development. The last thing the PS3 needs is a crappy port of a game built for the 360 (and I'm not calling SC:C "crappy". I'm just saying the port would probably be crappy).

OnlyOnN4G3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Well judging by past MS timed exclusivity deals, they normally expire a year after their release, so 2011 would be when this hits the PS3 lol

Blaze9293828d ago

thats thats. Now hopefully all these thoughts that it will come to the PS3 eventually will cease; this really IS a Microsoft exclusive. No timed stuff either.

Microsoft is literally funding this game and as he said, they are promoting it and help supporting it fully. Basically it's like Microsoft's game with Ubisoft making it for them; at the time of the whole start they probably wanted it to be the Xbox 360's Metal Gear Solid.

Gameinformer's Andy McNamara said Microsoft literally would not allow any unveiling of this game until they thought it was ready which is why we rarely ever heard anything about it. If a outside party who has "nothing to do with the game" has that much control over a 3rd party game and a IP that is not even theirs, its usually going to stay exclusive.

Milky Joe3828d ago

It's good to see loyalty like that. Maybe this will help MS realise that they don't need to just whip out the wallet when they want exclusivity.

3828d ago
Applegate3828d ago

That's weird dude...if you had the choice between the PS3 and the PC version you would have got the PS3 version though of course PC graphics are always superior to console graphics...PC/360/PS3 multiplats usually run better on PC and 360...

Something tells me you don't have a gaming PC at all.

jmare3828d ago

Why do people always talk with such certainty? "Game X will never come to console B" People say this sh1t all the time and then guess what, game X comes to console B. It's too early to tell if SC is going to the PS3 and just because somebody says so, doesn't make it so.

PixlSheX3828d ago

Just happens that there isn't a ps3 version.

IdleLeeSiuLung3828d ago

It seems the trend now is to come up with an old rumor with a link bait, pull out some old news and debunk it.

Good job! /sarcasm

Sarcasm3828d ago

Come on, it's on PC/360 only.

For cryin out loud, Haze stayed a PS3 exclusive.

Ubisoft is not afraid to leave out consoles like EA.

OnlyOnN4G3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Haze was a flop, so why bother porting it over to the 360, same applies for The Last Remnant, which is probably why we'll never see it on the PS3, even though it was planned beforehand until panned in reviews,and SCC appears to be way above those games

FamilyGuy3827d ago

Some official guy said it was REALLY exclusive like a month ago on a video interview. Unlike the timed deals where they have to sgrug off the question or say it's possible the guy said "As far as Splinter Cell is concerned, that title is completely exclusive".

I'm not interested in the game either way but I still wonder why? I would assume M$ made a deal for an exclusive game and it was not simply just exclusive because they felt like it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I think I'll get the PC version also, I'll have Windows 7 ready to go. Got to love MS gaming platforms, two ways to go 360 or PC.

""Splinter Cell conviction is a true Microsoft exclusive title and there are no plans to have Splinter Cell Conviction on other platforms. There are several reasons behind this choice. First of all, Splinter Cell games are historically linked with Microsoft platforms"

Well you know, since PC and 360 are both Microsoft platforms :)

Cwalat3827d ago


I don't have the most advanced gaming PC, but it's above average.
It has no trouble running these types of games.

Why would i pass on this game just because it's not coming out on PS3?

I'm a gamer, not fanboy like you.

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Alcon Caper3828d ago

He clearly states a little more than a month ago that it's a Microsoft Console Exclusive. It has always been a Microsoft Exclusive and will always be a Microsoft Exclusive.

raztad3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

What means MS exclusive? are you calling PC/360 multiplat Ms exclusive?

MS is not publishing this game, SC is Ubi IP, it has nothing to do with MS more than some agreement to not port it to PS3, but publishing a PC game doesnt mean to pay royalties to MS or something in the lines.

Mindboggle3828d ago

When ubisoft say its exclusive, it usually is. Look at Haze for example. Despite the fact they probably knew it wouldnt sell well only on the PS3 they still didnt make it for the 360.

benjam3828d ago

Developers need more time to polish the title?

Delta3828d ago

No they just didn't want to go aganist CoD:MW2. They need to maximize sales and they won't be able to with CoD:MW2 so close. That's my opinion.

ukilnme3828d ago

Hopefully not as long as the MGS4 to 360 rumor was around. With that said, you never know what is happening behind closed doors.

Nathan1233828d ago

Don't worry... PS3 fanboys aren't that desperate.. No one will ask for SC:c 1 year after it's release if it doesn't land on the PS3.Let the next E3 come.. Again fanboys will beg for MGS4.. Really funny... When E3 comes around, MGS4 becomes the best game since rumors of it coming on the 360 are around, but rest of the time it's a long movie for the fanboys....

Besides, PS3 already has Heavy Rain, MAG, God Of War 3 lined up for release early Q1 next year... Who knows, even GT5 if it doesn't get released later this year. GT5 and GOW3 will always be on top of my purchase list early next year... Might try out SC on PC later if it's good.