AppCraver Review: Race For Home

Race for Home is a surreal game that combines adventure with the fantastical. Race for Home is a simple game that draws the gamer deep into its clutch.

Race for Home from Shawn Kollat is delightfully creepy. Your job is to help Grace float home by hooking her umbrella on different things in the sky, such as rockets or angels. On each level in Race for Home, there is an evil one whose only goal is to foil Grace's progress. For example, Grace is followed on Level 6 by a shooting star who literally shoots Grace.

As Grace hooks her umbrella onto different objects in the sky, she is thrust forward on a trajectory while you try to follow the arrow and guide her to three gifts floating somewhere in the sky. You feel a thrill as Grace is propelled through the air, only to feel devastated as she is shot down by one of the bad guys. Her demise is rather morbid; her burnt body tumbles toward the ground for a few seconds before she recovers.

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