AppChatter Review: GeoDefense

AppChatter writes: "Having been a big fan of tower defense games, I thought that the GeoDefense might just be my next favorite game. After all it is the only tower defense to make Apple's list of the top 30 games in the App Store's first year. I was somewhat surprised by what I found. GeoDefense is different in many ways from all the other tower defense games I have played.

GeoDefense has the typical characteristics of tower defense. You must defend yourself from wave after wave of creeps by placing towers along their path to destroy them. Towers are placed by tapping on them and dragging them to a spot on the screen. Towers can be upgraded to be more powerful and have a longer reach. Killing creeps earns you points and money, which in this game is actually dollars. It fits the description, but the game play experience for me was quite different."

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