Pachter: New Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, Far Cry Coming in FY11

According to a new research note released by Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter, the noted analyst said that he expects to see a new Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, Far Cry and Driver game in Ubisoft's 2010-11 Fiscal Year.

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Nitrowolf23833d ago

i liked Rainbow six games but if its another vegas they better resolve all the issues first, #2 had all the same glitchs as one and the graphics were dumbed down for some reason.

Maddens Raiders3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

tried picking up and playing through my copy of R6V the other day for "old times sake"....and it was nearly impossible....

R2 and KZ2 have effectively ruined R6V graphically, for me....

KZ2 is my main metric in measuring all fps's against now -- and there is a lot of failure to say the least

Nitrowolf23833d ago

R6V 3rd person but i get what your saying. Didnt you feel R6V2 was just an expansion?

Beast_Master3833d ago

WHere is Beyond Good and Evil 2? is it canned or is it 2010. PoP is more likely a 2010 release, 2011 is AC3.