Nintendo Acquires Xenosaga Developer

Nintendo may have just become a major player in the RPG field. Bandai Namco Holdings issued a press release today announcing that it will transfer 80% of its 96% stake in Monolith Soft to Nintendo, effective May 1.

As reason for the move, the firm cited considerations involving the future growth of the Monolith studio and the desire to strengthen its relationship with Nintendo in the console software business.

Monolith is known primarily for its work on the Xenosaga series, which has been mostly a PlayStation franchise. On Nintendo platforms, the developer brought Xenosaga I&II to the DS and also supported the GameCube through Baten Kaitos and its sequel.

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kornbeaner4288d ago

Very well placed move by both compaines.

Hopefully somthing good can come out of this partnership.

Genki4288d ago

Although I must admit...this leaves me with the sour grapes in that I was really hoping to see the next Xenosaga on PS3 in all it's 1080p(hopefully) glory...not that I can't get a Wii or anything, just somewhat disappointing.

The other side to that coin though, is that apparently Namco wasn't investing in Xenosaga anymore, and hopefully under a new parent company, Monolith can continue to work on that brilliant series...but's to hoping.

bootsielon4288d ago

An RPG with the best graphics technology and 1080p res, with traditional controls and a little bit of sixaxis, than recycled engines with wiimotion controls. :(

And by the way, I think Nintendo is screwing us hardcore gamers.

CrazzyMan4288d ago

hope, there still will be xenosaga on PS3..

Namco and Sony = freindship foreva.
ac6 and ES - multiplatofrm.
tekken6 and time crysis will be made on arcade with cell inside.
cellius - new namco+sony company.

so, looking forward... =)

PS360WII4288d ago

Well considering that RPG's are really a Japan loved genre and that Wii really is the only system selling well in Japan right now it makes perfect sense to be giving the Wii any and all RPG's

Oh... let me soak up that last comment... any and all RPG's... oh that's good mmmm ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.