Now real life has achievements, too!

Gamer Limit writes "Achievements have become a part of gaming culture. Milestones such as Gears of War's "Seriously…" or Left 4 Dead's "Zombie Genocidist" have become badges of honor for many gamers. Yes, I killed 53,595 zombies. Here's my proof!

And iPhones, like them or not, have actually become a viable platform for both game and software developers. Apps such as facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have kept millions of people connected to each other 24/7."

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SilverDragon19793829d ago

This article is a great read. I definitely need some real life achievements

GrahameG3829d ago

So do I get points for reading this?

Sounds a fun enough concept, but having that guy from Booyah knocking on your door to verify your "Fed starving children from ________" achievement could be difficult. :P

chrisjc3829d ago

I can't wait for the "you got a red ring", "dusted off the Wii" or "PS3 crashed: pay $150" achievement.

syvergy3829d ago

Just like in-game achievements, I wouldn't bother ;p

Yuenanimous3829d ago

Good read, helped get the "Passed time in class without sleeping" achievement

jessfams3829d ago

Nice article! I'll probably get this for my iPod to try it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.