Civilization and Settlers of Catan inspire Greed Corp "In an exclusive interview with 9lives, the Dutch developer W!Games – known from My Horse and Me for pc, Wii and DS – has revealed their newest project, Greed Corp. This game for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade will combine elements from Civilization and Settlers of Catan in its gameplay.

Greed Corp. will take place on an island where four factions (Empire, Kartel, Pirates and Freemen) continuously dig for resources. Because of this digging fever, the island is slowly disappearing. That is the story behind the game. The game itself will contain a singleplayer campaign that will last some 8 hours. It will unlock several multiplayer maps, as multiplayer is the main focus of the game. In the multiplayer, two or four players can fight each other in rounds that will take some twenty minutes. Perfect for a quick game.

The purpose of the game is to place buildings on the squares, so that they can start generating money to purchase units. A Harvester-building will be able to dig for resources, but that means that the ground will drop from underneath your buildings, leading to their destruction in the end. Therefore the player is forced to play tactically and head for higher ground. This means that the confrontation with other players cannot be avoided as they will do the same thing. The last one standing in the ever-decreasing size of the map will be victorious.

Greed Corp. will release on PSN in september. It will also release on XBLA, but Xbox 360 owners will have to wait several months before Greed Corp. will tumble onto their console."

Pics and artwork after the link.

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