Edge Interview: Yasuhiro Wada

Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of Harvest Moon, is chief creative officer of Marvelous, the Japanese publisher behind No More Heroes, Little Kings Story and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Edge met with him to talk about his views on the current state of Japanese game development, which he believes is failing to provide enough variety and fresh ideas and is resulting in a contracting games market in the country. But his views aren't taken very well by Japanese gamers.

Here, he speaks frankly about why, along with how the 360 has failed to take off in Japan and why Marvelous' games review well but don't do so well at the cash till.

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Gun_Senshi3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Can you kindly resign your postion and give it to Nomura?

Yea Yea platform don't effect sales. What is he smoking I want some.

Ninji3830d ago

This is Yasuhiro Wada not Yoichi Wada.

N4g_null3829d ago

The Wada hate is unending!

N4g_null3829d ago

Seriously though read this interview he has some points but I think the problem is the industry is finding it hard to figure out what gamers want university. Some many things that where a part of gaming are now look down on even though it built gaming to the point the it currently is.

It's like telling a rock band that they can not have any rifts because that is old school. We don't like that because it's old we want more violin so we can feel like adults. What is funny that is how I feel about gaming music these days also... they replaced it all with movie background music.

Any way I think Wada should look back at the game play he liked before and figure out why he liked it back in the day.

asdr3wsfas3829d ago

The saddest part is I can't remember any background music in a game this generation except for Galaxy, but the original Zelda, Punchout, and Mario midis still get stuck in my head.