FIFA 10 - First Gameplay Video

Badassgamer: "The first proper gameplay video of the latest offering in EA's hugely successful FIFA franchise, has been leaked unto the interwebs."


The embedded video doesn't work, but by clicking the link - You can see it on the blog itself.

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Vitalogy3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Why was this approved anyway?
Did you at least read the info on youtube?

" First gameplay video of FIFA10 leaked on the Internet.

Old version showed at Emirates Stadium. So, keep calm. "

And this is really old!!!

Cwalat3829d ago

I was just about to Reply my "FIFA 09.1 cofirmed" comment, but i stopped.

Since it's pretty clear that this is an old, and i mean OLD, version of FIFA10.

But still, you gotta ask yourself, what new stuff have they brought to the game? IMO, it will be ALOT like 09 with minor gameplay upgrades.

I'm afraid that's not gonna be enough for me, i might go with PES10 this time and keep my copy of FIFA09.

Hope they had time to relocate Ronaldo and Zlatan for the games.
La Liga just recently became the most wanted league on television, and wouldn't you agree? Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan... The complete experience.


OperationFlashpoint23829d ago

judgemental much? it's an early build, give the game some time, surely you should be making your mind up having at least played the demo.

HeavyInfamous3829d ago

so? even if it's old, have you see any gameplay before?...lamo

jromao3829d ago

This FIFA 10 is just more FIFA 09.1

Players A.I. in video behave same way. Ball physics keep equal as some tennis ball, lacks realism.

Bring PES 2010, didn't get out yet and is granted to keep the crown.

OperationFlashpoint23829d ago

I don't think you realise that's an old build of the game.

Donga3829d ago

old build mate, chill.

bmatthews3829d ago

would like to see the latest build, but I am impressed with the GK A.I and animations in the game.

Donga3829d ago

Yes, the GK made himself big, and narrowed the angle for Berbatov to aim at, very good work by EA.

bmatthews3829d ago

indeed, that's very good GK A.I, looking forward to it.

HeavyInfamous3829d ago

Looks nice, Pro evo I would like to see...

iNetWatch3829d ago

All we need now is a leaked PES 2010 video...yes, I agree

iNetWatch3829d ago

Video doesn't work

EDIT: Oh, I seen it's a nice video, see the improvements but looks a lot like 09.

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