Peter Jackson News - The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings Blu-ray, District 9, The Lovely Bones

Collider: Thursday night at Comic-Con was insane. For some reason, all the studios decided to throw massive parties and hold insanely cool stuff on the same night. I was invited to about 7 things that would normally be a fantastic night, but due to time and schedule, I could only do a fraction of what I was offered. So what ended up winning out? Some guy named Peter Jackson.

So if you're a fan of his work, after the jump you can read some updates on "The Hobbit", the "Lord of the Rings" Blu-rays, "District 9?, and "The Lovely Bones".

Before the evening started tonight, I was one of the early people at the informal gathering. Since I knew I wouldn't have much time with Peter on my own, I asked the one thing every fan of "Lord of the Rings" wants to know - when are his amazing movies going to hit Blu-ray, and would the extended editions be included with the theatrical or would they be a separate purchase.

Here's the bad news.

He told me the first editions to hit Blu-ray are going to be the theatrical versions and a year later we'd get the extended editions. The only good news is he told me the studio has started talking to him about doing some new extras for the Blu-ray extended editions. No word on exactly what the new stuff might be.

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singhjeet293834d ago

So I have to wait another year just to get the extended editions -__- lame!

a_squirrel3834d ago

Sweet, a hobbit movie :)

beavis4play3834d ago

i'm waiting for the definitive extended versions. they're much better than the standard versions.

FamilyGuy3833d ago

And i'll have to continue to wait because i want the Ext/DC version of the LOTR on blu-ray as well...

I'll definitely be downloading the theatrical versions, once released, though.

Panthers3834d ago

I love LoTR, but 9 hrs is enough for me. I dont need the extended editions or anything. I will live with the theatrical versions.

Theoneneo813834d ago

trust me the extended two towers makes the movie so much better!

sorceror1713834d ago

No "Hobbit" until 2011? Crap. My kids will be sad. My oldest read the book a few months back and just asked me yesterday about the movie.

Ah, well. At least it'll probably be good.

OrangeStar3834d ago

Oh yeah it'll be great!!

Theoneneo813834d ago

why is this in gaming news i posted a article that said lotrd was on sale for blu ray and got failed in 10 mins what does this have to do that has in gaming news?