SCEE: There's no secret in PS3 FW 2.80

GZ: SCEE denies that there was any secret update included in PS3 firmware 2.80 after a slight slip up by Naughty Dog.

Yesterday we reported on comments from Naughty Dog's Sam Thompson at San Diego ComicCon, which suggested that the PlayStation 3's firmware 2.80 gave memory back to developers, most likely due to a reduction of the console's OS (operating system) memory footprint.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has come out to deny these comments...

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chrisnick3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

eric lempel pretty much said that the real update features couldn't be seen by the consumers until games were made using it.....scee fail.

"well basically in the updates that we do on the blog, it's really to tell consumers this is what you can do today with your PS3, or in the next few days when we release a firmware update. It isn't about diving into the tech and letting them know six months from now you're going to see a game that may have better effects in a certain area because we've put this in such and such update. That's not as digestible for the majority of consumers. It just won't work."

Maddens Raiders3837d ago

sly, you're not. Translation: "There was a secret in PS3 FW 2.80"

Megaton3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

SCEE also denied a 3rd Killzone 2 DLC pack while the trophies for said DLC pack were already visible on the PS3. Just saying, it seems like SCEE denies everything, no matter what it is.

techie3837d ago

Well if you read, it says ND denies it too...was a slip up.

Cwalat3837d ago

They seem to be denying alot, indeed.

But i hope 3.0 isn't far away, and Sony announces something revolutionary interms of Online features.

sunil3836d ago

why do they have to deny it? It gave them good publicity that they were giving more for the developers to use. I fail to see how denying everything helps their cause !

El Botto3837d ago

So what if they denied it again?
What does it matter anyway. So lets say they are lying and 2.80 really did gave back some memory to developers (which it didnt). So what?

How does that in anyway concern or benefit us immediately?

The shiat that these journalists write is fking hilarious. So fking what, I mean I dont give a fk about 2.8.

Will it stop you from playing games?

In the end, you talk about how they are in denial and what not. I LOL. I fking LOL. Its not important. Understand this and you are one step closer ro evolution.

techie3837d ago

Ever thought that Sony asked the website to update the story with their denial, explaining that it's not true and was a mistake?

blackpanther253837d ago

but have any of you guys played a movie on your ps3? I found new options like scene selection(you can even change the time interval of the sections). I swear that wasn't there when i got my 60gb ps3

PirateThom3837d ago

It was added a few firmware's back. 2.5, I think.

blackpanther253836d ago

i thought so. I really didn't put videos onto my ps3 until i got a HDD upgrade last month and started downloading 1080p movies.

ps3gamerkyle3837d ago

Hm... Something is fishy about this situation.

techie3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

fishy, like your m....

Sorry :/ I don't know what came over me. ;)

ps3gamerkyle3837d ago

Everyone is a comedian. =P

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