Fight Night Round 4 Free DLC 1 Arrives

EA has released the free add-on 'Downloadable Content 1' for their boxing title Fight Night Round 4, now available on Xbox Live.

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thedukeofkna3830d ago

One would hope that means the DLC will be up on PSN this thursday??
Along with Fat Princess!! WooT!!

talltony3830d ago

Im done wit fight night and I need that space on my hard drive.

Blaze9293830d ago

agree, sold FNR4 like 1-2 weeks after i got it.

truehunter3830d ago

320GBHDD an 102GB left ..... not bad for 78$ on my part, i got so much on that HDD.

talltony3830d ago

not if you got the 360 version lol I got like 5 gigs left!

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donscrillinger3830d ago

where is the buttons download...WATS GOOD

Man_of_the_year3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I LOVE THIS GAME. I just finished the heavy weight division getting to legendary level. I may retire my boxer now and create a new one since i can't go any further. Playing against my brother over live is awesome. We have had some serious matches and some great times with this game. The controls are PERFECT. Glad they took out the button punches from those button mashers. Makes online much more fun. I am still undefeated online and in the Legacy Mode. I love owning the guys that come out with Ali and think they are going to win by doing a 1000 jabs. They ALWAYS end up on the mat with a quick counter followed by a 10 count.

GOOD JOB EA for not screwing up this title...however you could have made the training gym a bit more user friendly like the first one.

Dixon3830d ago


but atleast its free

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The story is too old to be commented.