Square Enix confirms exciting combined line-up at GamesCom 2009

Square Enix Europe, the business unit integrating sales and marketing forces of Square Enix Ltd. (Square Enix) and Eidos Interactive (Eidos), announced today its exciting line-up of combined titles which will be on show at GamesCom 2009, Cologne, August 19th – 23rd.

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Delta3829d ago

No 13VS?? (Cries), there's always TGS. Anyways looks like a good line up for SE and Edios.

knox3829d ago

yea its packed for all the systems, looks like theyre coming to gamescon with a lot of stuff

Rainstorm813829d ago

FF vs 13 where are you??

Two things IMO either the game isnt coming out anymore or its going to be multiplatform.

Im eager to see this updated kingdom hearts battle system that FF vs 13 is supposed to use, Come On Square-enix! Show us some FF vs 13 gameplay @ TGS

mpmaley3829d ago

They won't show anything on Versus for awhile. I doubt we'll see anything publicly @ TGS. They're gearing up for XIII this fall in JP and Spring in NA. Also, they have XIV worldwide launch in the fall of 2010. Versus XIII is going to be pushed until 2011 probably.

Simon_Brezhnev3829d ago

I think VS still coming out. Just Nomura keeping his mature baby out public eye lol.

gintoki7773828d ago

they are definitely going to show something new for final fantasy 13 versus
possibly a new trailer or even a combat system since they started working on that a couple months ago
or at least i hope they show something new =(

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Myst3829d ago

I'd like to see more of Final Fantasy XIV.

PS360WII3829d ago

I'm with you on that! XIV is gonna be great :)

ShadowMantis3829d ago

SE better give us it....oh I can't wait!AAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!

mpmaley3829d ago

:D :D

Can't wait to get some more info on XIV. I doubt we'll get much, they'll probably save a lot for TGS.

mastiffchild3829d ago

Yeah, FF14 info would be great but like The Agency, DC Universe online et al it will be an age in arrivinmg-it looks to be a curse for PS3 as far as MMO games go!

Then again where the hell is APB for my 360? Will the console MMOs start landing after Xmas or not? We've had precious little since FF11 have we? At least not of a mature nature we haven't.

free2game3653828d ago

MMOs are already amazingly expensive games to develop and when you throw consoles into that equation it makes costs skyrocket even more. And in APB's case it's designed for the PC first and if it's successful it'll come to both consoles.

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BlueScreenOfDeath3829d ago

Developer: Tantalus Games
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Official website coming soon.

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Pony Friends 2 features an exciting and energetic competitive mode across all formats: players can compete in races and trick competitions alone or with a friend on the Wii and DS (single cart play)."


wii/ds and testosterone are just not compatible

pianomanjack3829d ago

Haven't Sony planned a 3 hour press conference? Maybe Versus XIII will show up there...

mastiffchild3829d ago

There's no mention of Agito either so we don't need to worry just yet that Vs is being altered , canned or made MP do we? Or do we assume that Agito will appear on Zune?

I've always been more into the looks and sound of what FF13Vs seems to be about over FF13 itself with Nomura being a big draw as well as the more mature feel and the feint possibility that it might be a game where guns>swords for a change! But we have to think just how much they can have been doing with nearly all the Vs staff(including Nomura himself)seconded for the past year to FF13 and DQX to get them out the door.

Expect Vs footage when there is some people and stop with the reactionary stuff -if it was going MP it would've already I feel.

gintoki7773828d ago

I really hope it doesnt go multi plat versus will be big for ps3

Ninji3829d ago

"Square-Enix" and "exciting" shouldn't even be in the same sentence unless "bankrupt" is there too. That company doesn't have anything even slightly exciting to show.

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The story is too old to be commented.