'Fast' UK broadband packages 'misleading'

91% of customers with 8Mbit packages are not getting average speeds above 6Mbit, Ofcom survey suggests

The vast majority of UK broadband users are not enjoying the speeds they signed up for, according to a groundbreaking nationwide study by regulator Ofcom.

The Ofcom survey undertook over 60 million service performance tests across 1600 homes between November 2008 and April 2009. It found that less than nine per cent of customers paying for 8Mbit broadband packages actually received an expected connection speed of over 6Mbit/s.

Of those 8Mbit connection packages, 19 per cent of the surveyed sample actually received an average connection below 2Mbit/s.

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doctorstrange3837d ago

I'm one of them, the UK really needs to sort out their internet, it is getting worse every day

Kakkoii3836d ago

I'm pretty happy here in Canada, BC. With my 15Mbit connection, that reaches speeds of over 2 megabytes a second if I use a download accelerator :P.

Nihilism3836d ago

holy sh!t, my internet is only 1500kps....damn you Australia