Microsoft: PC gaming still a strategic advantage

DirectX 11 a key component to Windows 7...

Microsoft has insisted that gaming is vital to the success of Windows 7, with the company insisting that the support for DirectX 11 and the continued popularity of the PC with gamers gives it a 'strategic advantage' over rival Apple.

Microsoft's Windows has long been the platform of choice for PC gamers and this gives the Redmond software giant a clear advantage over rivals Apple with OS X and, next year, Google with Chrome OS.

One of the key arrivals with Windows 7 in October will be the support for DirectX 11 – the application programming interface that will power the next generation of PC games.

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Calcio3826d ago

I'll believe it when they stop pushing the Xbox at every opportunity and start actually caring about PC gamers again...

xztence3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

is that why you cancelled alan wake? or are you just delaying to showcase as a dx11 game later?

GameOn3826d ago

Alan Wake was "shelved", not cancelled. It will hit pc at some point.

3826d ago Replies(1)
Pootangpie3826d ago

it would be pretty dumb if them not to release it for the PC considering the 360 version is pretty much a PC port and you sony fanboys act like MS is the only company to shelve a game I mean it's not like nintendo didn't give japan the middle finger with the gamecube version of twilight princess right