Gamers criticise cost of new game

Gamers say they are unhappy that one of the most hyped video games of the year will cost them £10 more than most other games on the market.

The company behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Activision, have set a price of £55 instead of the regular £45 for most other new releases.

The first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game was the biggest seller of 2007 shifting more than seven million copies.

The latest version is released in November and will be one of the biggest sellers of the year.

Eighteen-year-old Gary from Islington in London doesn't care about the price and says he'll definitely be buying it.

"I know we'll still buy it because once we've got the game you can't stop playing it.

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Delta3828d ago

I hope other Major Game Companies don't follow Activation$ Scummy ways on major titles.

mastiffchild3828d ago

I just hope my fellow UK gamers can show some sense and either buy a US import get it pre owned or wait for it to go down. I just don't think the best bunch of gamers to gave the responsibility of saving us all from higher prices is the larely uninformed and used to paying extra lot we have in the UK.

It's typical of Activision to do this in the UK where many people will either think it's normal(they always chatge extra here for GH and will for DJH too)of Activision games or even think that games at=re going up anyway and that this is just the first. Honestly, don't expect the willpower of UK gamers to save anyone at all!

BTW-no WAY I'm paying extra for a damn COD game.

presto7173828d ago

Especially if they will be selling it at 90 bucks. After all,it will be like all the other COD's; just repainted and repolished. I'm guessing next year they'll release another COD just like this one. Hmm. Maybe I'll get that one. Its not like I'm missing out on much. These COD games are all the same.

Or better yet, I could just stick to KZ2 and forget about Activision and their crappy ways.

TooTall193828d ago

I wonder if the MW soldiers have figured out how to run and reload at the same time yet... I doubt it. MW2 is a rip off

Silly gameAr3828d ago

Ride Sony for a price drop, and then raise the price of their games?


TooTall193828d ago

I'll going to buy Borderlands this fall, and maybe Uncharted 2. I'm not going to buy any new Activision games after they do something like this.

OhReginald3828d ago

...activision will still get so much money from this stupid ass game. I don't understand why no one is doing anything....people should stop publishers like activision from doing this. This is beyond immoral.

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