Atlus Prepares For USA Release Of Demon's Souls

GhostStorm Writes: Atlus is a name already associated with some of the greatest RPGs of recent years (if you have a ps2 or 60gb ps3, you really owe it to yourself to get a copy of Persona 4), and it looks like they may have added another game to that list. Demon's Souls has already been released in Japan and Asia, and Atlus are gearing up to release the critically acclaimed ps3 game in the USA and Canada on 6th October. No publisher is currently looking to license the game in the UK/EU, so importing will be your only way to play it for now.

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Zedux3833d ago

I have the asian version but not been able to save the game not even ingame check points made me stop playing it! I've a life I can't spend 3 hours playing then die and redo all 3 hours!

tda-danny3831d ago

What are you talking about? The game auto-saves itself.

If you mean that you get part way done a world and have to quit, you goback to the begining of the world... Your progress is still saved - your levels and equipment are automatically saved.

Each goal you have (be it to kill a boss, or find an item in a level) should be done in one play session. This is easily doable as the different worlds vary in length, difficulty, etc.

The enemies (except bosses) respawn if you die or go back to the nexus (central hub). If you kill a boss in a world, you can instantly warp to that spot in the future to continue on to the next world.

A HiFi3832d ago

Interesting piece...never really put much thought into the process. I've never thought it was easy, but it's still interesting.

Slient Knight 93831d ago

if you want to save where you are just quit the game where ever you are and then you load your profile you be where you left of. simples yes