Ten Amazing Visual Novels You Must Play (in English)

Unigamesity lists 10 henati/visual novel games they say are "must play" titles. There are indeed some nice games there, completely NSFW and unsuitable for minors. But that's a part of gaming, too!

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Lets-Game4465d ago

nice, gonna try 1 or 2 xD

evrfighter4465d ago

prediction: 1000 degrees by thursday

Viper74464d ago

Its funny because many ppl completely ignore this type of "games" just because the games have few minutes of "AO rated fan service" in them. Not to mention that most of the times it seems rather forced as well.

Lets take Fate stay night for example, a great VN that includes like what? Total of 15min of H-Scenes and like 30-50h of plot. There are quite many good VN:s with no or little AO material which actualy contain really good plot.

ppl should atleast Try out few

Umineko naku koro ni: (Kinetic novel - No AO material)
seen higurashi? well this is from the same writer

Ever 17: (Visual novel - No AO material)
Great visual novel with multiple endings, questions, and brilliantly made conclusion route that really completes the story nicely.

FSN: (Visual novel - (rated AO)
seen the anime? well this ones hell of a lot better than that one. There is also non translated ps2 port of the vn thats rated: T
If H-scenes disturb you too much just skip them.

Its sad to see that this genre of entertainment is suffering because ppl think that all VN:s are some hentai filled games made for perverts when they actualy are just Books with anime themed visualization.

Its funny that I don't normally read a lot of books, and even small ones seem to take forever to complete. However visual novels feel a lot more entertaining to read for some reason?

Nihilism4464d ago

i don't suppose it's ironic that a hentai perody is right under an add for

BreakNeckSpeed4465d ago

I'll admit it I only came because of the hott picture lol

Chimerhazzard4465d ago

NHK ni Youkoso! (Welcome to the NHK!) is awesome :D I loved that anime.

I agree with you, it is a must see. Really funny and interesting anime.

Chaxo4465d ago

He should add

Snow Sakura by g-collections
Edelweiss ( there's eng patch )
Wanko to Kurasou ( A MUST TRY , also eng patch )

These are very good visual novels too , especially Wanko.
Awesome graphics.

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