Xbox 360 Elite Available This Weekend At Retailers

It was a long road coming, or not, but Microsoft is finally giving gamers a third alternative to the Xbox 360 console entertainment system as the neo-big-black-box will be hitting retailer shelves this coming Sunday, April 29th. The Elite will mark a new standard in high-definition, top-priority gaming with a larger hard drive, more access to Xbox Live right out of the box and HDMI support.

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SuperSaiyan44190d ago

And a complete rip off and waste of time.

Microsoft will stick more DLC on the marketplace at rip off prices most of which in the USA anyways is movies and since they are only on for 24hrs on your hard drive after pressing play what is the point of a larger hard drive?

I feel ripped off now with the HD-DVD add-on, why? Because even if I bought the Elite I can only get Dolby Digital 5.1 no TrueHD sound!!

Dlacy13g4190d ago

Clearly the Elite is just another sku with minimal add-on except for the hard drive. Honestly I would only buy the elite if I was getting a 360 for my first time. It clearly is a better deal when compared to the Premium when you consider the HDD pricing. But overall...I have no need or desire to pick it up. I am happy with my 20GB for now.

Dlacy13g4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

duplicate post...

The BS Police4190d ago

I allready own an Xbox 360, I'll just buy the larger HDD later on this year.

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