Crispy Gamer: Wii Sports Resort Review

Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus are a sign not just of failure on Nintendo's part, but also of a battle rejoined. It's a battle to create true verisimilitude in gaming, to eliminate the barrier of the controller and create an experience as close to a true simulation as possible. It's a shaky first volley against the coming onslaught of Sony's and Microsoft's own motion controllers, but it's one that should keep Nintendo in the game for a little bit longer.

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N4g_null3834d ago

What is funny is the last games where a success and they worked. They where not prefect and nintendo motion control was way beyond the PS3s which could only make a bowling game work. The pool and other games worked just fine if they actually played them.

This game is progression and is pretty much close to perfect. Nintendo is a perfectionist which is why their games are always delays in the past. What is sad is a review like this is going to be found by potential readers of this site. Which will result in them not coming to this site again. They have played the game and they will be coming online soon and if these site don't get their act together then they will be severely marginalize... this includes G4TV when NBC decides to make their own version. What better way to fight back at the internet than to attack the bias online and unprofessional methods.

It is much better to not review some thing that people clearly like when you don't care for it.

If MS and SONY can out do nintendo and this game then they deserve all the praise they get. Some thing tells me MS and SONY can not even make a game even remotely this good. Making the controller is only half the battle. You have to make the sdk and actually understand what makes games like this fun. Any underling or misguided feeling about motion play and the idea of gimmick will only make their games shallow and sloppy. Great in idea but just that an idea.