Halo 3: ODST Bungie not ruling out a possible series

Halo 3: ODST and Reach might be the last Halo games on Xbox 360 but Bungie are not ruling out the possibility of a series for ODST. Could this be on other platforms or by another developer?

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bunt-custardly3826d ago

Multi-platform now that would be something.

3826d ago
The Meerkat3826d ago

Would MS not own the right to ODST as its set in the HALO universe?

Could "Other Platforms" be a new xbox?

king dong33826d ago

bungie went indie for a bigger slice of the halo pie. and now they are going to get it, they are going to continue creating halo games and halo spin-offs.

halo 4 next gen, more halo odsts next gen, anotherr halo like reach(which is the halo i'm really looking forwad to) also next gen. the halo universe is so big, there's so many possibilities.

and with halo reach, bungie can legitimately use other spartans...and they can in every other pre-halo game they create.

poopsack3826d ago

ur statement would be true, if Dark Advocation were everyone.

StanLee3826d ago

Fanboys shouldn't write dumb, speculative articles that expose them as the ignorant idiots they are. Microsoft owns Halo; lock, stock and two smoking barrels. Halo wont be on any other platform, in any other capacity. Any universe that directly references Halo's is a part of the company's IP.

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Omega43826d ago

And what would the call the next game Halo 3: ODST 2?

It could end up like MW2 where they drop the Halo (or CoD) name and just make it ODST 2

SixZeroFour3826d ago

thats why i think they should just make the upcoming halo 3:odst into halo : odst, since its set in between halo 2 and 3 and not just halo 3

that way, if they were to make a series out of it the could just make the next one, halo : odst 2

xg-ei8ht3826d ago

Just call the next xbox HALO.

All Time Greatness3826d ago

Just call the PS3, the PS3rd movie player.

sofresh2003826d ago

M$ will milk Halo as long as the yuppies keep drinking it

tdogchristy903826d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love halo, it's how I found out the xbox even existed. But there has to be a stopping point, if they just continue to pump out titles they will ruin the series. So please bungie at some point find a stoping point.

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