News Report: Fat Princess Will Make Kids Obese

Slashgamer Writes: "Alright, I can 'kinda' understand why parents might not want their children to be exposed to violent videogames. Some of the images from these games like Grand Theft Auto, might be inappropriate for young children.

Not to long ago, some reports were informing people that the game Fat Princess, has caused some controversy. And the reason isn't what you would expect. Critics are warning parents that Fat Princess could harm children because, get this… it might teach them to 'over eat.'"

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wiggles3835d ago seems that they are trying to ship out anything that is negative these days....Just look at the last 20 years. Hey Media, did you know based on all of your "speculations" and "world class journalism" everything in the room you sit in right now is causing cancer!

We should give credit to these developers for having the balls to have an obese women in a video game...

Delta3835d ago

OMG, Media you sure are a funny thing.

kazan3835d ago

ok seriously that was so freaking funny and sad hahahahahhaha

penguinhunter3835d ago

I love the main stream media! It's better than def jam comedy!

nycredude3835d ago

I think it is already too late. At least in America I think 1 out of every 3 kids are obese. Blame it on the parents for taking them to Micky Ds all the time.

What is next? Video games keep kids up, therefore they lose sleep, and because of lack of sleep they get stresses out, and because of stress they break out in pimples, therefore video games causes widespread acne amongst teens.

CBaoth3835d ago

I read the posts before clicking on the site and, while watching the video, laughed at the veracity of your post. Not one adult they interviewed for the piece was physically fit. Makes you wonder if the irony will ever dawn on them.

nycredude3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

It's really getting stupid. No one ever wants to take responsibility for their own actions anymore. It's always about pointing fingers at someone else!

Fact is obesity is a problem because noone takes initiative to fix it. Look at what the menu in the public schools contain. Cheeseburger, chili, fries, it's all garbage.


them to over-eat? like the media has taught people to over-react? sensationalizing triviality's and blaming everything on someone else,anything else but those actually to blame?
Laughable yet sad.

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