Mortal Kombat Team Becomes WB Games Chicago


After being plucked from financial quicksand by Warner Bros., Midway's been having a bit of an identity crisis. Now though, it seems the drama's done and over, because according to superannuation, a very crucial piece of Midway has been rebranded.

The gist of it is that two former Midway employees - who are now with Warner Bros. - list themselves as working for WB Games Chicago on social networking site LinkedIn. One profile also details the guts of WB's game development force, which "includes Monolith Productions, Surreal Software, Snowblind Studios and WB Games Chicago."

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Solidestchimp3834d ago

Mortal Kombat vs Warner brothers 2010 game of the year :D (sad thing is i would play this if they made it lol)

JL3834d ago

lol I would pay to see Tazz-vs-Scorpion or Bugs Bunny-vs-Khameleon or Scooby and Shaggy-vs-Goro.

On a more serious note, unfortunately, this is the kind of stuff I see the Mortal Kombat franchise being reduced to from here on out (maybe Looney Tunes vs Mortal Kombat is an exaggeration but you get the point).