Eurogamer: Frontier's David Braben Interview

From space exploration in Elite to sniffing around the bins in Dog's Life, David Braben's games have showcased a surprising range of different experiences. With his Cambridge studio Frontier Developments currently embracing politics with the ambitious thriller The Outsider, while also working on a sequel to last year's LostWinds (as well as gearing up for a return to space sometime in the near future), Eurogamer caught up with the veteran designer at the Develop Conference in Brighton to discuss the industry's history, the struggles ahead, and why he doesn't want to end up doing the noses on footballers.

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Galvanise3825d ago

The Outsider is shown at this convention. Its been in development for absolutely ages.

Perjoss3825d ago

it has been in devopment for a long time, I think this might be the biggest thing Frontier have done? but they have proven they can do quality work with Lostwinds, even though it was quite short, but top quality all the same.


Nice interview... But where is The Outsider ?

I have been waiting for this game since i first heard of it. These were the games that were going to blow this gen away, redefine it.... along with Waredevil and such... they have faded into oblivion with nothing more then " its still in development " as bait to keep us swimming for the hook.

mean while we are getting generic FPS and Unreal powered trash shoved down our throats ans squeezed out of our A£$ holes !

Oh well, at least this year we have really started to see new stuff "not powered by unreal " come out of their endless development cycles and show us what these systems are really able to do.

still it would be nice to know they are at least still working on it and there is some hope of it coming out.

Si-Pie3825d ago

Wasnt he supposed to be working on Elite 4? Not heard anything about it in years.