LittleBigPlanet will expand as "creation tool" with DLC, says MM boss

vg247 says: "LittleBigPlanet creation aspects are to be expanded in upcoming DLC, Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healy has told VG247.

"A lot of our DLC so far has been based around expanding our palletes, if you like; more costumes, more stickers, and things like this," said the developer.

"A big part of what's coming in the future expands on what's possible in LittleBigPlanet in terms of it being a creation tool."

When asked specifically if he was talking about the game's feature set, Healy responded:

"Yeah. There's going to be lots of exciting things that make it into more of a versatile creation tool."

Healy was speaking after a talk on the visual style of LittleBigPlanet at Develop in Brighton earlier this month, in which he and fellow Media Molecule founder Kareem Ettouney said upcoming content for the game would make fans "very happy".

It was confirmed during the talk that more than 1 million LBP levels have now been created by PS3 users"

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umair_s513828d ago

Would like to see a tool set that's easier to use. Most folks are put off when they realize the time it takes to make a decent level.
Anyways thanks MM for keeping LBP running healthy, 2 thumbs up.

Lucreto3828d ago

I have spent days on a levels which I end up abandoning but it is fun getting things to work as they meant to.

I use youtube to find solutions to some of the problems I have.

Lifendz3828d ago

I've enjoyed playing the user created levels and maybe it's because I've been so blown away by what some people have made that I haven't tried to make a level yet. I have an idea of what I want to do, but i just don't have the time to do it and I know once I start I'm going to get consumed by it.

But this is a game that I really think should come with every PS3. Get it in the hands of as many PS3 owners as possible.

THE BIAS3828d ago

At this point in time, there's one feature that i really want mm to include. In the create mode, you make the camera view the level in 2d. I wish they could allow people to play levels in 2d. Because that would make the current level im making look twice as good. But as always, i wish mm would make searching for levels easier. 1 million levels. How am i supposed to find decent levels amongst all that. A lot of good levels never get the attention they deserve

PhoenixElemental3828d ago

I hope they include water & ice with one of their next patches! & more power-ups for the Sackboys/girls!

PhoenixElemental3828d ago

How can anyone NOT want those features?!?!

TheMART3828d ago

This game is just insane on the PS3. Still proud on my LBP PS3 boxart I have at home and will keep for live. Gotta love Media Molecule!

Sniper4303828d ago

I would love to see another enterable layer, or the ability to move objects between layers during the game(you could make marble mazes X). But sadly its probly just the ability to put objects in unenterable layers, as a glitch was recently been found where you can do this...

ShadowMantis3828d ago

I'd like that too,oh and the glitch i been knew it since woo.
Hmm....sniper huh..I like snipers
*wink* :)

NarutoSoul3828d ago

They said that they'd be patching it in sometime around X-Mas last year, but they still haven't put it in. Sure, I have a PS Eye, but using image files is infinitely more convenient. I decided that I'm done with LBP until they either put that feature in like they promised, or the game hits $30 or less used.