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All said, Wii Sports Resort is still going to be a worthwhile purchase for anyone that loved the first Wii Sports - it's a fun party game and once again so simple, everyone can play. As disappointed as we are at what this game fails to include, it's hard to deny the fun you can still have with what is on offer. If you're more of a solo (or online) gamer, however, and the novelty wore off pretty fast last time, you might be better off waiting until the MotionPlus gets implemented across some deeper titles before picking one up.

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N4g_null3826d ago

This is very funny. The score is even lower also. I'm starting to realize that the niche is reviewing these games rather than the customers. This game is about getting the best score. The fun is also in seeing controls way beyond what even the wii mote could do it self. The games are a great challenge also and actually go way beyond the other Wii sports games. Nintendo is selling a complete game this time with many thing that are actually fun. About the only one I don't like playing is the canoeing one and it will be mostly the ivy league guys who actually do the stuff that love that game. On top of that the game looks at what you can do and then raises that bar... man my mouth drooled LOL. I love that type stuff. It's better than some achievement point when some one comes over and says damn! you got that far wow! Then they beat it LOL.

It reminds me of when gamers use to do the impossible and beat some ones high score. A lot of that begins to happen. Geometry wars did some thing similar but these games are mimicking real activities so they connect with people more.

Like I'm a pretty good sniper in video games and I understand all the physic's and mental control and do very well in most games with sniping yet with the archery that all came in handy and helped me put the arrow right on the dot more than once. That was very satisfying yet the funny thing was can you do it again. Yes you can do it once but was it a fluke.

This game and this kind of gaming play is going to be big. Playing a game for a story will be added but the real draw is this type of game play. Skill base game play that is not skill based on knowledge only. Understanding of the game play is very important. The word sport does come to mind and so many times back in the day you left like some cyber athlete. This can be said about many addictive games that are addictive to the masses it seems.

Oh yeah the physic are great also yet good physics do not matter because they are all faked anyway.