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PotNoodle3835d ago

Wish they made the single player DLC available for download on its own for cheaper, have no interest in the multiplayer maps anymore, made the mistake of buying the snowblind map pack.

ID IR A G 0 N3835d ago

this would be good news if gears online wast an impossible shotty-whore fest, but it is.

The Meerkat3835d ago

ID IR A G 0 N your correct.

The shotgun ruins the MP game.
And the lag I suffer is so bad that its normally more effective to hit someone with it than try and shoot them.

Its the only game where I get lag so its not my connection.

ShadowMantis3835d ago

U actually bought really
u actually thought it was good?

dirthurts3835d ago

I'm reluctant to drop another chunk of cash on the game though.

ShadowMantis3835d ago

Dude save ur money!That game doesnt deserve DLC u have to pay for.If it was free,then thats a different story.

dirthurts3835d ago

Is actually my favorite multiplayer game, so it's tempting for me.
The online is extremely competitive, which I really like.

I would like to think the maps would be release free later, but I don't know. If nothing else I won't buy them yet. I just bought Ghostbusters for pc. : )

bloop3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

It's a bit of a love hate relationship with Gears 2 for me. It is my fave multi player game, but only when it's working properly!!! They seriously need to do something about the lag/region search. When you have a good connection to host, I think it's the most fun you can have with an online game. But, when connection is bad, it's infuriating!! They need to refine the region search so it actually WORKS and searches for games in your region. And I do wish they'd gimp the melee and get rid of that 2 piecing crap, or at least get rid of the auto aim after a melee connects. I haven't bought any of the other map packs so this is tempting. I may get it.

dirthurts3835d ago

about the lag thing. That can be really irritating. And you can't quit the laggy match your you loose exp.
But they did fix the 2 piece, to an extent. Now you have a chance to pop off a blind fire, or sometimes roll away. But it's rare.

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slimy the g8ter3835d ago

lol this game garbage anyway.crappy lag and glitches

cr33ping_death3835d ago

sorry epic.... not this time..... my money stays with me.... put these maps into heavier rotation at least then well talk.

dirthurts3835d ago

to play only this map pack once you download it. I broke down and picked it up. Downloading now...
This game owns me.

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