Elite Creator Defends Molyneux's Milo & Kate

Koku Gamer writes: 'David Braben, creator of the Elite series and the upcoming 'The Outsider, has defended Peter Molyneux's "smoke and mirrors" project, Milo & Kate.'

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Ziriux3836d ago

Of course he is defending it, I mean come on the more support by big names the thing has the more it's talked about in the spotlight getting all the marketing it can. It's part of business in todays time and day.

Wriggy3836d ago

I was thinking along the same lines.
If Milo & Kate proves to be as successful as they were portrayed at E3, many critics have a lot of criticism to take back.

WengYong3836d ago

Bad publicity goog publicity it's all good nowadays/

But even if I worked for them I couldn't bring myself to defend Milo, as a fan of gaming I would never want to see Milo come to life. If he does it won't be on my 360. It goes against everything I hold true to gaming.

gaffyh3836d ago

Are people actually thinking of buying this non-game? I mean for God's sake this is as bad as WiiFit. This "game" won't even appeal to kids like EyePet, and I'm not saying that will even sell, but it has more potential of selling than Milo.

Molyneux work on a normal game, stop wasting time on a stupid project like this.

A HiFi3836d ago

@ gaffyh - I think it's extremely interesting. There are plenty of "non-games" out there lauded as games. The Sims is but one example.

indysurfn3836d ago

Where is my waggle! They have a saying, this ps3e has more shovel ware then you can shake a waggle at. I mean stick at. Wait this waggle has got to be better than the xbox360's project NATAL, because it can't read your lips, or the other arm, , or either leg, or your facial emotions, or recognize your voice, or follow voice commands, or scan in a item to use in the game, or control a WHOLE character on screen with your exact movements. or a controller for five different people at the same time. Yep, come play with the PS3 waggle, inferior graphics, now come complete with inferior motion control, no facial recognition, no voice recognition, and no voice command. That makes it better right? (hint all that was sarcasm) Err duhh! Now who is bragging about paying $2,000 for a PS3 on ebay for that George foreman grill twin called the ps3?

A HiFi3836d ago

I think you were looking for the 'Open Zone'...

dazzalfc3836d ago

At least make some decent sense and use of english when attempting to slag off another console.

And i think you're forgetting that the wand works with the Eyetoy, and have absolutely no idea how either the PSWand, PSEye or Project Natal actually work.

Still, nice try :)

On the whole Milo & Kate topic, i just can't see it actually working, at least at the moment. Getting that kind of A.I from current hardware is certainly a bold step, and the only way i can see it working 'AT THE MOMENT' is by it recognising preset phrases or complete sentences, which would render the whole thing rather pointless after 5 minutes when conversations & actions are just repeated.

Dead_Cell3836d ago

I don't remember 360's going for £2,000 on launch day ;)

gaffyh3836d ago

@1.5 - But lifestyle games like Sims and Second Life have a market, Milo has no market. Is a gamer going to buy this? Even WiiFit had a market, the casual crowd. Only market I can think of for Milo is pedos, seriously

Guitarded3836d ago

Is the eyepet market into bestiality?

gaffyh3836d ago

@1.11 - Eyepet market is kids & families of course. Because it is basically like a cyber pet, or like those DS games Petz, are you honestly telling me, as a gamer, you want to buy Milo?

It has no market, which kid wants to play with a virtual kid?

GWAVE3836d ago

Project Natal and Milo are already getting plenty of positive press and defense from the American media (who, mere months ago, were constantly writing articles saying that motion controls were the downfall of gaming).

Think about this: if Project Natal and Milo are really so awesome, do they need to be defended? Shouldn't their awesome-ness speak for itself?

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Shade3603836d ago

To be honest most games use 'smoke and mirrors' - either in graphics or AI - most games fool you into thinking one thing.. when it's another - eg - you see a huge building towering above you - but it's only the face of it - no back...

So it's good to see sensible people defending what is common practice..

A HiFi3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Exactly...the Milo & Kate aftermath resulted from people believing Molyneux too good to be true. Yes, I guess they are right in a way. But we have built the world of, not only games but, movies and TV shows and music using "smoke and mirrors".

Ziriux3836d ago

You my friend get a bubble, you make a great point that many people don't even realize. Everything these days is smoke and mirror, but people tend to not believe something that just seems too good to be true, it's the type of society we live in sadly.

Wonderfulwest3836d ago

If milo and kate works, I will eat my pants lol. i cant see that happening though. peter lies too much and over hypes everything he works on

Ziriux3836d ago

I hope your pants are made out of peanut butter hehe. Aww come on you can't trust your own Brit.

A HiFi3836d ago

Molyneux doesn't lie, that's ridiculous. He does nothing wrong compared to other game developers; he is just very creative. And for that, he gets ripped apart.

SRT4Chris4013836d ago

Ugh, the fact that someone would waste their life pretending to raise or be friends with a fake child is disgusting. I know that meeting ACTUAL people can be a nervous affair, but for gods sake how pathetic can your life be spent socializing with a fake personality. I love video games I play them alot, but even I long for actual human interaction whether they be good or bad ones. But games where you spend running the life, or playing with an artificial person(s) to replicate perfect friendship or love are just as sad the people that play them, and it's also a sin against god to replicate his work. Placing yourself as a false deity is against holy book, not that I'm religious, but I'm throwing it out there for you more religous types.

Grown Folks Talk3836d ago

I would much rather have Salma Hayek & Kate.

JAllard3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Mr. Elite,

Why would you defend Milo and Peter?

Peter is a good friend of mine, but he doesn't have a creative bone in his body. This whole Milo thing was taken from Sony's EyeDentify and EyePet. In fact, we stole this whole Natal thing from Sony's EyeToy and Eye projects.

Doctor Marks once spoke about and demonstrated a product from ZCam which was capable of recognizing full body motion using two cameras. He talked about how expensive it would be to integrate it into gaming consoles. Well, we thought about it and we said something like "we can't create anything like EyeToy and certainly we don't give a sh!t about prices since our groupies will buy just about any peripheral we make, so let's buy this ZCam and hype the crap out of it". And thus was born Natal.

In my humblest opinion, Peter is as deluded as Baldmer.

J. Allard
Sony FTW!!!