Wii Replaces Magazines as Waiting Room Companion

Koku Gamer writes: 'Staff at the Tuscaloosa Veterans Affairs Medical Center have decided to install Wii consoles in their waiting rooms.'

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Ziriux3827d ago

What they need is some Modern Warfare up in there to make the time pass by. Ok, aside from all the joking, in a place like a hospital it's nice to have a video game system like the wii to cheer things up, I think it's a good move for the hospital.

Shade3603827d ago

In the UK a few hospitals used to have N64's in the kids waiting room - can see a Wii causing a few injuries though.. lol will have to have a zone for it- so people don't get smacked in the face.. or what about the dreaded Wii shoulder?

sounds like a health and safety nightmare.. but guess it would work ok there - since they are all adults ;)

A HiFi3827d ago

Absolutely. Hadn't even thought about a Health & Satefy issue...oh well, hopefully they'll have someone there keeping an eye on it all.

WengYong3827d ago

Most of the magazines in waiting rooms suck anyway. I hope more places with waiting rooms take a leaf out of these guys book.

Ziriux3827d ago

Oh good thinking, there could be a lot of damages, a tv screen could end up being broken, someones eye maybe receiving a wii mote...

A HiFi3827d ago

I'm with you there WengYong. Waiting rooms are either awkward or scary - depending on the time of day/night...

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