Inside Sony's Blu-Ray factory

from A picture gallery look inside Sony's new Blu-ray factory in Sydney, Australia.

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kanedaakira3825d ago

Great find. Superb pictures

anh_duong3825d ago

you must be really interesting to talk to... lol .. j/k

Syronicus3825d ago

I love seeing how clean that factory is. Man it would be nice to work in an environment like that. As a programmer I have a pretty clean workstation but that place is spotless.


that must be the best smelling place to work, remember the smell of blu-ray as you open a game case for the first time? its heaven...

ShadowMantis3825d ago

I know exactly what ya mean,I rather have a BR disc than have sex.

pixelsword3825d ago

I tend not to sniff things that I don't eat if I can help it.

TheTruth893825d ago

4500 BD Per Hour... holy ****

Milky3825d ago

If I was working there so many of those discs would just 'slip' into my pocket.

Babypuncher3825d ago

kind of a boring looking factory. i see no snozberries or ever-lasting gobstoppers

--joshua--3825d ago

my baby has a black eye...

<-------open zone is that way, fella

pixelsword3825d ago

...we are the dreamers of dreams.

*slaps you with silly white gloves while playing a flute*


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