Comic-Con: Mass Effect 2's Elevator Improvements

BeefJack writes: "Elevators in Mass Effect quickly became a punch line that required no setup. It wasn't only because it was one of the few things that could be criticized about the game. Their obvious use as loading masks barely kept players more immersed in the game than a loading screen would have."

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Saaking3829d ago

There's nothing to complain about, this game will be amazing!

zoneofenders3829d ago

if only they could get rid of those repetitive unimaginative side missions.....

Saaking3829d ago

A contender for GOTY 2010 (though I think GOW III should take it)

RockmanII73829d ago

Mass Effect 2 (360)
God of War 3 (PS3)
Halo Reach (360)
Crysis 2 (PC)
Bioshock 2 (multi)
FF13 (multi)

Thats my prediction

KilZoneGeneralStrife3829d ago

The load times drop significantly. ME1 my personal,time flys. . .its already mid 2009

ShabzS3829d ago

yup i'm playing mass effect 1 right now ... i'm at the part where i'm going to see banezia in the ice planet just after bringing down the currupt administrator ....

anyway yes its true the loading times and pop in's reduce significantly after the hdd install ...

Gaara_7243829d ago

i had it instaled and it was still horrible so i wonder what it was like not instaled

Halo3 MLG Pro3829d ago

I thought it was a clever way to not having a loading screen and keep the feeling of being in the gaming world.

Syronicus3829d ago

But it was still something that lasted way too long. I would suspect that in the future, there will be elevators that travel much faster than the ones we have today. I don't see the current ME elevators as a bad thing, just a place to see some improvement.

Tony P3828d ago

It's quite clever, but done badly. Which makes the point of it moot.

It's kind of believable on Citadel (since that place is impressively huge), but there's no good reason it should take you a minute and a half to get to your own hangar. Not for the fastest ship in the galaxy.

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