Xbox 360 Games on Demand: The Real Future of Gaming

The new Games on Demand is nearing its launch with the new update coming on August 11th. Golgotron wants to really delve into why they think Games on Demand is even bigger than most may realize.

"Well, E3 has come and gone and now most of the dust has settled. A lot of stuff was announced and we got to see a lot of new games, it was all very exciting. Among the most talked about announcements were the new motion controllers from Sony and Microsoft. As you may have read, Natal doesn't have me all that excited, and I personally feel that these motion controls do not represent the true future of gaming in any way. While that may be true, there is a new feature on the Xbox 360 that makes my pants feel funny. While everyone was focused on Natal they missed what Microsoft had to say on Games on Demand, a feature which they are greatly underplaying."

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Rowsdower3830d ago

the hurdle of hard drive space limitations on the 360, broadband speed, prices, availability, monthly caps are taken care of then yes digital distribution is the future, its already started on the PC. It cuts out the middle man for the company and kills the used game industry, a profit win. The consumer gets the short end when it comes to benefits but some may disagree; no traveling to buy the game, and the ability to download the game the moment its available, but we have seen what a popular game can do to Xbox live.

There are still many real obstacles to over come, but they will be overcome, and gaming will continue to mature as a profit machine and the gamer will lose even more control over the media we pay good money for.

NamelessTed3830d ago

The technology leaps are minor in comparison to the fundamental shift that needs to happen to convince gamers to buy games online instead of on a disc in a store. I am all for digital distribution as I love seeing the advancement of technology but there is going to be a long transitional period just to get to the point where 50% of the market is digital.