Digital Continuum: SWTOR Is In a Year Far, Far Away

Are you excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic? It's not much of a shock if you've turned into a salivating, highly anticipatory fan. If so, don't feel too bad, you're most assuredly not alone. BioWare's been firing calculated salvos of videos, screens, reveals, interviews and developer blogs. Don't get too excited though, because for all people do know about this undulating, unborn behemoth, there's so much more that they don't know.

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Gun_Senshi3826d ago

I have a witty feeling this game will suck.

Oh why did you turn SWG to Jedi Feast!

3825d ago
fossilfern3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I personaly cant wait i dont like the idea paying for MMOs (Call me cheap if you want) but i love Star Wars and this looks amazing i can really see myself getting into this alot