Hope For Star Ocean: The Last Hope On PS3?

Square Enix's first retail PlayStation 3 game might be Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Nothing official, but Gamefly has a listing for said title.

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Masamori Sumimura3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I think japan would have been aware before Gamerfly.
If it's true then thats good news for ps3 gamers. SO4 is a good rpg and maybe the ps3 version will have the original Voices in japanese which are better.

Jmlopezbr3826d ago

Yeah I agree... but I still hope it does. I want another rpg to play.

Immortal Kaim3826d ago

As much as I tried, I just couldn't get into SO4... The combat mechanics were awesome, but the story and characters were (imo) horrible.

I think I will like Tales of Vesperia more, might start playing that today actually.

Fox013826d ago

"Some company just keeps on stealing my exclusives".

Snake Raiser3826d ago

*IF* it does could it be due to square being happy about FF7 selling like hotcakes(again) on the PSN?

Mo0eY3826d ago

I use to think that way about Gamefly listing games - honestly, what does Gamefly know?

But every single time they've listed something in the past, it has come to fruition.

We'll probably see it sooner or later.

chrisnick3826d ago

wasn't this game crap?......if not then yay, if it is....then keep it. unless its getting the ninja gaiden sigma treatment.

xztence3826d ago

The original Japanese voices will make this game MUC MUCH better then it was.
Hopefully square includes this option for ff13 also.
enough space there not to.

Dragun6193826d ago

Maybe It might be revealed in this week's Famitsu Mag?

If Star Ocean: The Last Hope does come to the PS3, I would buy it. As Long as they give some special features like with Tales of Vesperia and Options for Japanese Dubs for making PS3 owners wait.

Jaces3826d ago

No thanks. I want a good JRPG, not this.

I'll take Lost Odyssey though. :)

REALgamer3826d ago

We'll have to wait and see. I remember all the fuss when Left 4 Dead PS3 was available for pre-order on Amazon or Gamestop or one of those big retailers. Good news for PS3 gamers though if it does happen - I'm enjoying SO4 on 360 at the moment, very good JRPG.

Infinite Undiscovery was Tri-Ace's previous JRPG though, and it never went to PS3. DOn't think the team has any experience with the PS3, so if it's ported it would probably be a different team handling the port.

Xandet3826d ago

Yeah.. it really was. I could only get through about 8 hours of it before giving up out of boredom. My friend took over, claiming he was starving for a good RPG.. he quit for the same reason after beating the first disc. Now if you want a good current-gen JRPG, just wait for Tales of Vesperia if you don't own a 360. That was a great game.. could barely put the damn controller down.

slayorofgods3826d ago

It's to late I've lost interest in this game, I would however like to see SE get its head back into the game and do something right this generation. FF13 better not let me down.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I think just about everyone knows this game will make it to the PS3 If you need an RPG fix get it. This whole "it's to late" or "not going to get it" is the whole problem with gaming on your side of the fence.

FamilyGuy3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I like this series for the:

Ability/spell/skill upgrades
weapon and armor creating
extra hard optional dungeons
extra hard optional bosses
multiple paths within the storyline causing different party of usable characters.
visual style
strange characters
HUGE mini-games (coliseum?)

Does the game still have all that stuff or did it REALLY fall short? I've NEVER cared for the Star Ocean storylines. In part 3 you could actually unlock a versus fighting mode so you and a friend could fight each other.

NeoCloud3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I think this game is never comin out on PS3, but I could be wrong, just look at Bioshock and NinjaGaiden2Sigma. U know FFXIII will come out on PS3 end of this year, and i think StarOcean still wont be out on PS3 when FFXIII is out in Japan end of this year [that is ironic].

gaffyh3826d ago

This game is probably the best game Square Enix has released on Xbox 360. Everything else is worse than this.

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chasegamez23826d ago

so much better sh!t coming out

lloyd_wonder3826d ago

This is definitely true. The beta box 360 never fails.

-MD-3826d ago

Didn't PS3 fanboys condemn this game because it got 7 and 8s? Watch it be true and they all freakout in excitement over an average rpg.

The PS3 is pretty starved for RPGs though so I can't really blame them.

Mo0eY3826d ago

We'll get excited only because it will have the features that you guys complained about thus giving it those 9s that you'll despise.

Beta Box 360 FTW!

Shadow Man3826d ago

Later after 6 months after we are done with it, we give the left overs to the droids and they love it.

3826d ago
Ninji3826d ago

More like you get the appetizers and we get the full course meal.

lloyd_wonder3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Oh. I'm sorry. You actually mistook my post for excitement, or thought I expressed a general interest in this or any other mediocre 360 game.

I can assure you that is not that case. Again, I'm sorry for the confusion. :)

Etseix3826d ago


well u know, one of why SO4 had some low scores was because the game game was *stopping* on high frame real time battles,

but, well dont balme PS3 fans, a lot of ppl just want this game for have the collection (me included) i have 1-2-3 all left is 4, but its no worthy enough to buy an xbox 360,

hope this is true ;)

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Myst3826d ago

If this is true I wonder if it will go the way of Tales of Vesperia with extra content here and there. If so I'll hold out on both of these I guess and continue on with Lost Odyssey until both are released over here.

Natsu X FairyTail3826d ago

no Lost Odeyssey is a Real x360 exclusive.

Myst3826d ago

Ah, I meant if Tales and Last Hope, just meant that I would continue playing Lost Odyssey until both (Tales and Last hope) are released for PS3 (if Last hope does indeed come to the PS3).

jackdoe3826d ago

Exactly. Especially since there is the possibility (even though it is slight) that the Japanese VA will be included with a potential SO4 PS3 port. That way, you don't have to listen to that godawful English dub. Anyone who has even watched a trailer of this game, know of which character I speak.

SixTwoTwo3826d ago

I have never been a fan of the Star Ocean series but since the PS3 JRPG selection is small, I might buy this. IF they give us the option of using japanese dubs.