We come not to bury Kutaragi, but to praise him

A short article thanking Ken Kutaragi for his many innovative ideas and enthusiastic spirit in the world of gaming and reminding to remember him every time you notice how great the Super Nintendo sounds, or how the PlayStation 2 led to the wider appeal of DVDs...

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kornbeaner4190d ago

the machine you vision and put out there is one of the greatest investments I have ever made in a home electronic device.

Wish you nothing but the best in the future.

P.S. How crazy would it be to see Ken go to MS and make the next XBOX
How many flaming Xbots will bow knowing that a great visionary will handle the next console.

sak5004190d ago

He'll be remembered more for the disaster he created known as PS3 then the earlier sucesses of ps1 / ps2.

QuackPot4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Ken is well past his use-by date.

PS3's high price and late release is due solely to Blu-ray - which, unlike CDs & DVDs during their eras, is not the standard for HD. This monumental blunder gave xbox 360 a year head start to build an impressive library of games and net service as well as fanbase - considerable next-gen market share.

Yes, Ken had to go. He missed the opportuntity to competitively force Micro$oft out of the gaming industry - once and for all - by releasing a 60G, DVD RW equipped Ps3 back in nov 2005. Now, we have to wait & see if Micro$oft will go another round against the Ps4 with an xbox 720 - and the initial loses inevitable incurred with new consoles.

The thing is, M$ will lose this next-gen war especially when things finally turn-around and takes off in 2008 for the Ps3. Undoubtedly, Sony has already started preliminary work on Ps4 in preparation for any early release of xbox 720 as it won't make the same mistake twice. Or they could just take their time in releasing PS4 once Ps3s are selling like hotcakes in 5 years time, like its predecessor.

So thanks for everything, Ken. But it's time to move on.

Vojkan4190d ago

PS4 will suck mark my words.

whengeeksgobad4190d ago

Credit where its due - this guy has probably had more influence on my life than my parents! Ken was a nutball, but a a pretty smart one at that. Good luck Ken!

lil bush4190d ago

if it wasent for him the gaming world wouldent be where its at today, i honor you for that, im 17 years of age, and i played the ps when i was 6, so i give so praises, and kudos for that......

SKUD4190d ago

You've have got to admit. He changed video game industry completely. That takes GUTS.