IGN Presents the History of Game Boy

In the world of videogame hardware, there are successes, there are triumphs, and then there is Game Boy. Nintendo's handheld brand is the Rocky Marciano of gaming, consistently dominating for its entire career and retiring undefeated. As people celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the gray brick, the lessons it taught the industry still ring true: on the road, the practical system will take out even the most powerful competitor. In putting form, function, and playability over raw horsepower, they paved the way not only for future generations of portable systems, but for the Wii and a new generation of casual gamers.

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Shnazzyone3832d ago

AHHHH memories... I remember my first gameboy. I had to wheel and deal with a buddy in 3rd grade to get mine. No rich parents for me :/ I remember i bought this addon from radio shack for it that nearly tripled the size, added a lit, magnifying screen, a joystick, two big ol speakers on the side and it allowed you to power the gameboy with it. To top it off it took like 6 c cells to power it.. it also held like 4-6 games in a storage compartment in the back. I remember having to decide between taking my gameboy to school or bringing my schoolbooks. The sucker filled an entire early 90's vinyl cartoon kids backpack.

Gameboy was truly epic. RIP the first true portable platform. When will DSi VC come out already so i can play 6 golden coins again legally?