Darkest of Days - New Video Details Weapons

Earlier this month we told you about the new time travelling first person shooter from 8monkey Labs called Darkest of Days and in this new video we take a look at just some of the weapons that will be available to our time traveling hero Alexander Morris.

Darkest of Days will release on September 9th for Xbox 360 and PC and allow gamers to travel back in time and change the course of history through helping to save key influential figures - as the video shows you can take your M16 with you as well… lovely!

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rbluetank3837d ago

i already like this game. i might have to break my self imposed exile not to buy a 360 game. i am on my last 360 after three rrod in two years. i might be buying another 360 if the one i have breaks after playing this game... lol this game should be good...!!! it is on the radar... fyi my computer sxcks!!! lol

Chubear3837d ago

Very interesting concept to this game. I saw this a while back and thought the premise was a good one. Looking forward to how they put it all together in an enjoyable package.

urban bohemian3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

But recently its really peaked my interest, looks like it might turn out ok, even if it is a bit under the radar.